Friends of Spiritual Support

Friends and Spiritual Support…
God, You bless me with a great deal of both.
These people must carry God in their heart.
There is no other way they can inspire me,
Or make me cry for joy with such Godly thoughts,
Without Your Spirit placing them in their hearts.
Praise You for allowing me such an honor in hearing these words,
For the blessing of being the receiving party of such heavenly concern.
I know these souls truly care about me.
Anyone who takes enough time out of their day
To kneel on their knees before You,
And talk to You on behalf of me is truly a friend.
Thank You for hearing their words and answering their prayers.
You are great, oh Lord, to give me such a gift in these friends.
I just pray, dear Lord, that they are able to find comfort
In seeing Your beautiful work.
I thank You for looking after them when I cannot,
And that when I don’t even know they are praying for me
That You are there for them.

I thank You that I can trust You to look after them with love
And that when I don’t know to say thank you or I love you to them
That You find ways to say it all… with undeniable meaning.
I thank You that I can take time out to go down upon my knees in prayer
For all those I know who pray for me, those whom I don’t know that do,
And most importantly for those I know or don’t know need a prayer.
I thank You that You hear their cries, know their hearts, understand their pain.
Thank You for sitting with them in silence.
There are times when we just don’t know what to think,
And really don’t want to hear from those who think they know it all.
You spare us from such unwise moments and very unwise people.
Thank You for being wise enough to know that sometimes we just need
Someone to sit with us through the uncertainty and the unexplainable.

Thank You for being so loving and patient enough to be willing to suffer with us,
But also ready with an encouraging word when we’re ready for it,
And a spirit of joy for when we are ready to dance with it again.
Thank You for friends who fulfill that role for You.
That is what a friend is… a friend in need… with all understanding.
I pray that You will continue to allow me to be such an obedient child
In being a Godly friend for those whom You know need one, or just want one.
I give You the glory for such a privilege.
I am only able to do it because You enable me.
Praise You for the friend I have in Jesus.
His understanding is the greatest of all friends.
I praise You that I can share Him with all my friends, and strangers.
And I praise You that He is a friend to all those I’ll never even know…
Until we get to heaven,
When I can thank You for all of my friends,
Especially the one I have in You.

11-11-98 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Words of wisdom and sharing by Linda Friedman and Becky Bonner,
and all my friends who are always there for me on behalf of God! Amen!!

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