Pouring Out Life

Life pouring out of a hurting soul.
It trickles as it falls.
A Savior’s blood pours forth to save,
His loving voice calls.
“My loved one I see the pain that drains,
And know all too well.
How it felt to suffer and agonize
When on My knees I fell.
I cried out to My Father to remove My burden,
Yet accepted what He gave.
And in return He strengthened Me
To bare it to My grave.
It took that death to restore that life,
And remove the burden within.
Now I have eternal life,
And will never lose it again.
I gave that life to give you yours
Because I love you so.
The Father longs to strengthen you,
And let your burden go.”

7-18-2019 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: The burden my Savior suffered making the sacrifice He made

Smitten for Jesus

Another page for another day.
A couple of words are written
To testify of a Savior’s love
By the one who is completely smitten.
Fierce in wrath, tender in love,
Grace and mercy are His ways.
Longing to see the mansion prepared,
I eagerly await the days.
Singing, praising, rejoicing all around.
I can hear the heavenly host asound.
“O hear ye, o hear ye, ye who will hear.
God, your heavenly Father, loves you so dear!”

7-18-2019 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Revived and Refreshed

A book, a journal, and a therapeutic pen.
A life, a struggle, and a journey with a friend.
Pain, shame, and a fragile young brain.
God’s true word to wash away the stain.
Hardship experienced becomes a testimony.
God doesn’t want us to be a phony.
Personal words, private days, not everything is spoken.
God hurts when His children are broken.
Healing words, healing ways, healing from many sources.
The Holy Spirit guides us each along our courses.
A smile, a glow, a warm and tender heart.
God revives, refreshes, and gives a brand new start.
Open your eyes, your heart, and your mind to the One who gave it.
There is a life, a love, and a body, and God can save it.

7-18-2019 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: finishing Caralyn’s Bloom journal


Throw a tree.
Pour a cloud.
Creation is screaming
Quite loud!
Make a kite.
Fly a pie.
Stop asking
Drive a bird.
Ride a plane.
I’m going completely
Close a video.
Pause a book.
Only God
Knows where to look.
Paint a flower.
Smell a fence.

7-2-2019 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Lifeless Creation

Breezing through the air
A life is coming down.
The wind is the last friend
To be around.
Gentle as it carries.
Strong as it caresses.
Lifeless is the creation
As it passes.
Forgotten within the loss.
Never known in the hour.
Creation is blown to and fro
Within the stormy shower.
Cushioned along the fall,
God interferes.
“Be careful, my loved one.
Your life is dear.”
Lifeless or vibrant,
I have a reason
To have you here
In this very season.


7-2-2019 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Image of Glory

You can smile.
There’s nothing to fear.
No matter what’s in your head,
God is always near.
You can speak.
No one watches your words.
You can believe God
Over everything you’ve ever heard.
You can be quiet.
God is the guard over your tongue.
He keeps you from the ugly,
And allows life to be sung.
You can trust.
God is not going to leave.
Life may be uncertain,
But in God’s word you can believe.
There you are
Being the child He made.
Every day that you mature,
More and more doubts fade.
Look at that smile.
God beams to watch you shine.
You can hear Him,
“This image of glory is ALL mine!”

7-2-2019 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire