Facing the Christian Heat

Brought to my knees by the mercy of God,
I gave my life to Christ.
His followers praised His name
And welcomed me into the family.
Yet as soon as we first disagreed
I was classified “THE UNSAVED.”
My opinion and personal walk with God
Was too far from their understanding.
They immediately assumed
The devil had come to attack them.
How am I supposed to be a Christian
If I have no one to help me learn?
How can I understand forgiveness
If no one is willing to share it with me?
We will not always agree on what is right
Just because we share a Father.
As children of any family we will debate,
But will have our own relationship with God.
While the Father may expect one thing of me,
He may see it is too difficult for you.
It doesn’t make it excusable,
Or provide an escape from being held accountable.
But it does allow for the love of a parent
To make the decision of another chance.
God, Your Christians, my brothers and sisters,
Sometimes shut me out because they don’t understand
What You and I are sharing together.
That is when I am glad I remember
I was brought to my knees by the mercy of God
And gave my life to “YOU!” AMEN!

5-2-1998 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Trust Him With Everything

If you’re gonna trust in the Lord, go all the way…
Trust Him with everything.
If you say you trust Him to look after you,
But keep doubting things you hope for,
Or things you know He expects of you and for you,
How can you say you trust Him?
That would really be more like saying,
“I trust You, Lord, but I’ll take care of the most important things.”
If you do not completely surrender your trust to Him,
Maybe you’re not trusting Him at all.
If you trust God to hear your prayers,
Meet your needs, and fulfill your life,
Then trust Him with what it takes to get it all done.
Give Him your soul, heart, mind, and body.
Give Him everything He has loaned to you.
If you know He’s all knowing and wise to protect,
Why would you doubt Him?
I know fear and uncertainty can be a problem,
But you know for certain that the fear of the Lord
Is the beginning of knowledge.
So if you’re gonna trust in the Lord, go all the way…
Trust Him with everything.

12-31-1998 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

A Happy Moment

A happy moment… just what is a happy moment?
Is it a moment when you feel peaceful and secure?
When you feel as though you could sail in slow motion for days,
Upon waters as blue as the ocean,
With a shimmer of a crystal sea,
As a glorious breeze blows through your hair,
And tickles your flesh?
Is it a moment the world seems to smile with you,
And children laugh and play for hours,
As the creatures of God’s earth
Symphonize in melodious harmony,
Within the beauty of earth’s nature,
And lovers walk hand in hand,
As they watch families share in joy?
A happy moment can be so many things,
In so many ways and places.
It can be the treasure your heart seeks.
A happy moment is us together,
You loving me,
Me loving you,
Us loving God,
And God loving us.
When God is a part of what we are,
He is not an outsider to our love.
When God is what we live for to share,
That is a happy moment for me.
Thank you for sharing this happy moment with me.
I pray we share many more together… with God.

8-27-1998 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

To Have And To Hold

So many times I have dreamed for someone to hold me, sometimes of being held by someone who loves me.
Sometimes I have went as far as to hurt myself and break my own heart in desperation to feel that special.
Yet all along there has been Someone holding me who loves me so much that He stretched out His arms and died for me.
He loves me so much, He’s there for every hug I need.
He is so full of love that He stretched out His arms and died for my family, my friends, strangers, and everyone in the world.
So many times He’s tried to keep me from breaking my own heart.
So many times He’s urged me to be careful.
But I in my stubbornness have insisted I knew what was best, and in the end broke my heart and His.
Did He leave me? Get tired of fooling with me?
Get angry? Did He stop holding me?

He opened His arms even wider, held me even tighter, and told me He would always love me.
Then He reminded me of how much love He gave to me.
He reminded me of all the people in the world who feel they have no one who loves them.
All they want is a hug.
They want to feel special to someone.
Some just want to matter to someone else.
He taught me how to open my arms to “give” love.
As He had me recollect my memories, I saw I have had a million or more hugs in my life.
And while they may not have all meant the world to me, I remembered (and in some cases first realized) how much they meant to the world.
The love felt within those embraces brought back the tears I’ve shared with many of God’s children in sorrow.
Sometimes they were tears of joy.

God made me realize I was not put on this earth to be loved.
He already loved me from birth.
I was given life that I might share love with others.
I need to share with them the most important love of all, the love of Jesus Christ Our Lord.
There are so many people in the world suffering from hunger, loneliness, abandonment, a feeling of worthlessness, and the desire to be loved.
Who am I to dwell in such self pity from thinking “Oh, what if I never love again?”
If God is in my heart and I try to reach out for Him, I will be loving others every day of my life.
Why do I selfishly whine to myself “What if no one ever loves me?”
If I believe that God sent His Son to die for me and that Jesus chose to do it, surely I know They both acted out of love, and will never stop loving me.
Jesus’ blood and love binds me forever.

True love… it’s what I waste my God’s valuable time daydreaming of, but true love follows the love of God, and yearns to share it with the suffering and lost so that they may know of love.
True love… honors Jesus Himself with a love of obedience, and a love filled with compassion for those whom He died for.

So many times I’ve dreamed for someone to hold me, sometimes of being held by someone I love.
I have often wondered “What if I die never being held again?”
But God has burdened my heart with the sorrow of souls who are dying to be held just once.
I want to comfort those souls with the arms that God gave me.
I want to give them the love that Jesus shares with me.
I want to do everything God knows me to be able to do for the people that my Savior Jesus Christ died for.
I want them to know that Jesus loved them enough to shed His blood for them.
I see that God did not intend for me to be held, but to hold.
As I strive to do His will, I take comfort in knowing He will always be there to hold me in His loving and faithful arms.

7-14-1998 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: When I went to the nursing home to visit my Aunt Mildred, a lady in her facility saw me hug my aunt and mentioned how lucky she was to get a hug. When I hugged the lady, she started crying as she thanked me. She held onto me so. And I held onto her. I cried all night for her. The Lord opened my eyes to so many people in the world who long for a hug. I have witnessed many children so abused by their parents or by whomever their parents abandoned them to never receiving hugs. Some children are so starved for hugs that it makes them an easy target for molestation and/or prostitution. Even grown adults can be so starved for a simple hug that it can lead to choices one would never think they would make, and some never able to get away from those choices. How much we need to be willing to give that hug. How much people need to know that God loves them! ❤


God Sends Love

God sends love and the world is beautiful.
God sends mercy and He saves the ugly.
God sends grace and the ugly is revived.
God sends peace and the heart takes comfort.
God sends comfort and the world is at peace.
How many more blessings from God I could count.
Everything He does is out of love.
Everything about Him is love.
He is love.
There’s no other love I’d rather have.
For His love allows me to love,
To be loved,
And to share love.
Thank You, Jesus, for loving me,
And everyone else.
You really know what love is.
Thank You for teaching me about love,
And allowing me to be a part of it.
The world is so beautiful.
God sends You to earth,
And the world is given salvation,
The world is given love,
I pray I’ll always show You love,
And share Yours with others.

6-7-1998 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Purity Even In Marriage

Wow, I can still be faithful even if I get married?
I can still be pure in the eyes of God?
That is so inspiring, so refreshing to know.
I was so sure to give myself to my husband
Was to give him my faithfulness.
Like there was something being taken away from God.
It was sad to think finding love God has intended for me
Would require making myself unclean to God.
How could I have not realized to follow God’s plan
And to trust in the love He sends me
Would be to follow in purity and faithfulness to both?
And while the man I marry may receive
My purity in flesh as his crown,
My God will still maintain my purity in spirit.
How wonderful to know I can be allowed to be in love
And still be in unity with God.
Now I don’t have to worry about wanting to be married
And being faithful to God in death.
I can do both.
Thank you, Christian Sister, for the words of wisdom.

5-28-1998 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Dawn McBride – My Christian Sister at FOCUS
Thank You, God, for the uplift within my new family member in Christ
It’s no wonder this use to be my way of thinking. The world focuses on the power and cleanliness of the flesh. Purity with God is about giving everything to Him, including our love lives, our marriages, our minds, our bodies, our spirits… everything!
HE makes everything pure!

Only God!

Only God can save me now.
Only God can forgive me.
Only God can show mercy,
And allow Gail to live.
Only God can love my Jesus
They way He should be loved.
Only Jesus can be true to God,
And can let God be enough.
Only God, only God.
That’s all I’ve got.
You cannot help me.
Only God can, only God.

5-26-1998 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
There are times when only God can be there.

He Understands My Pain

Dear God, I come to You, the one who sees my tears.
I ask of You for peace from my overwhelming fears.
As I hand my heart to You, You can see it has been shattered.
But You are the healer of all wounds, and hold the battered.
Delicate as I am, You tenderly take me in.
You make it clear that no one will ever hurt me again.
Seeing the scars all over my searching soul,
You give me comfort and make me whole.
Your Son shows His nail scarred hands to me
And says, “I understand your pain completely.”
Holding out His once wounded hand, He takes mine.
As His blood and love pours over me, I know I’ll be fine.
We embrace and walk to our Father of Love.
We kneel in His presence in heaven above.
After permission is given to this very unworthy child,
I rush forward to hug and thank God with a smile.
God, I’m so glad I came to You when I did.
I know I will not live to regret it… only to enjoy it.

5-24-1998 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire

God, For You I Will

God, for You I will.
For You I will have faith.
I will trust that You love me,
And that You truly care.
I will trust that You will heal me.
I will believe that You will carry me,
And be there when I cry.
God, I trust You to know the way.
I leave my heart and soul with You.
You are the only way out of this heartache.
You are the only way I can make it through.
For You I will trust walking away from
All the false promises.
Instead I will lay my hand in Yours,
And accept the promise You have always kept,
To love me forever.
God, if You will help me and give me the strength
That this love constantly strips me of,
I will trust You to be the love I need.
God, there’s no doubt this is going to hurt.
It already does.
And I’m scared to trust me.
But for You I will.

5-20-1998 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

On Sacred Grounds

In his room, a place he calls his own.
This is his space and not for others to know.
For to even enter is to come upon Sacred Grounds..
Sacred Grounds… let’s think about that.
Here is a room where one can enter with purity
And depart with stolen innocence.

As the Christian girl approaches the open door,
It symbolizes the the open invitation to temptation.
Temptation is what consumes this room.
He holds out his hand to the young woman.
She looks into his eyes and comes forward.
His persuasion convinces her entrance.
Yes, she chooses to accept the offer,
And as her heart weakens, seduction is his strength.

Lights are low, music so soft.
They’re alone with how they feel.
Too close to a welcoming bed they dance.
While she struggles to resist the moment,
The moment struggles to insist surrender.
Kisses… so warm upon her neck.
He whispers the soft masculine words.
Her yearnings are put to the ultimate test.
And as she fails to stand her ground,
She lays down with him on his.
Though she has been promised it will feel like heaven,
And the two hearts may feel like it is…
All hell is breaking loose.

The angels have deserted the child of purity.
Purity has deserted the angel.
A Heavenly Father releases the hands of His children,
As His heirs have been erased from HIS WILL!
For while the young man is guilty of stealing her innocence,
She is guilty of treason by sleeping with the enemy.
She has lost her shield in the heat of the battle.
Within the Sacred Grounds, she has been stripped of her armor.
The warrior has been tamed and prepared for conversion.
Her combat instructions were to pray for her enemies,
And to set the example for the prisoners of war,
Just in case the Master of Reason captured a soldier who would
Discover the desire to march as a knight for the King.
Her disobedience has injured the strategic healing
Of a dying cadet by the Captain of Miracles.
General Physician had worked long and hard to salvage the private
From a world of uncertainty
Because the Peacemaker had longed to reassure this skilled man
Of an unfailing love and a heavenly place made just for him
Upon HOLY and Sacred Grounds.

As the trial begins, the judge opens His book.
The transcripts convict the violators of sin and shame.
They are found unworthy to walk upon the Sacred Grounds.
Cast into the fire ignited by the very passion that led to their destruction,
Guilt is all they share.

5-12-1998 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: The Lord was working on me around this time of the possible consequences of seeking or giving into comfort and pleasure. It’s not just me in that moment. Temptation is a struggle for both sexes… and for Christians and non-Christians alike. We are to pray and be support for one another. The enemy is looking for every foothold he can get.

God and I Have Plans

God, You and I have secret plans.

I pray that all will go well.

You know my heart is broken.

You know why it is

And who broke it.

But I am so thankful that You care

About my heart.

You know how to heal it.

Wounds can be so hard to heal,

But I want to be in Your love.

I’m not saying it won’t be hard to move on,

But at least You are out to love me,

Not hurt me more.

At least You understand that I cry

Instead of enjoying being the reason I do.

Thank You for loving me, God.

While man will always fail me and break my heart,

I know that I can always count on You.

You Have Never Failed Me Yet.


5-20-1998 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

You Saved The Day

God, You saved me.

It was just another routine day

Of my running myself crazy

And getting in my own way,

But You saved the day.

It was a day that breaks my will,

A day to test my faith.

My day was so busy that within the Spirit

I did not get to bathe.

But You saved the day.

How many times will life challenge me?

How many times will I grow tired?

Every time I allow myself to worry

I forget the love of whom I admire,

But You save the day.

Temptations make a great debate

And try to steal my joy.

I don’t even sing in praise

Because I do not seem to enjoy.

But You save the say.

Lord, I am so unworthy

Of a love that is only faithful and true.

Though You never fail me or leave me,

I tend to easily neglect You.

But You save the day.

If I had to die for my sins,

There’s no doubt I’d be tried.

The world would be ready to condemn me

And have me crucified.

But Jesus saved the day!

    Thank You, Jesus! ❤


5-8-1998 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire

There Is A Friend I Know

There is a friend I know.

He asks me to be his lover.

He vows he cares for me so,

Yet he’s quick to touch another.

There is a friend I know

Who asks me to be her support.

Yet anytime she needs me,

I am not the one she seeks for.

There is a friend I know.

He says he’s always there.

Yet when I’m broken in tears,

He really couldn’t care.

There is a friend I know.

She wants me to follow her lead.

Yet wherever we end up,

It is our hearts that tend to bleed.

There is a friend I know.

He says I’m worth the wait.

Yet when I hold him to that,

This love can turn to hate.

There is a friend I know.

She wants me to be like her.

But she never trusts anyone

Because she only remembers the hurt.

There is a friend I know,

He asks who are my friends.

He says if they think they are

Then they should “be” a friend.

He does not make a vow to break.

He does not seek to hurt me.

He only seeks to love me.

    His name is Jesus! ❤


5-8-18 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire


Waiting For My Man of God’s Unfailing Love and Unbiased Mercy!

**A very long and personal one**

Dreams and fantasies of the perfect future mate, I like so many have them quite often.
I dream of loving someone who loves my God.
I dream of someone who says “our” God.
I dream of sharing His love and word with him.
I wish for someone who will love me as God loves me… just as I am.
I need someone who will not judge me, for I have enough lions to watch for in snatching my joy and confidence.

I need someone who will not hold my past against me.
If Jesus knows what I have done and forgiven me, who is man to say that I am unclean?
Wouldn’t it be great to marry someone who saw your past as what God intended it be… growing?
Wouldn’t it be great to know that your mate could see the purpose in witnessing from past lives to those are still living them?
Wouldn’t be even better if he could see that the past is just that, and best yet forget about it?
If all men look for women who have not been as active or sinful, how will they ever meet someone who has experienced true salvation?

I have always been told that the younger you are saved, the longer God needed to work on you,
And that the more sinful the past, the more powerful it shows of His blood and love.
Not everyone will be a Mother Mary and worthy of immaculate conception.
Some will be a Mary Magdalene or a Rahab.
But it was Mary Magdalene to whom Jesus appeared first, and she kissed and washed His feet.
Why can’t a man love you for a pure heart?
It is a love for God and desire to witness for Jesus that makes us a child of God, not having a “privilege” to have been raised innocent and free of a life that could have been much more sinful.
If every sin is alike in God’s eye, who is man to judge me or write me off just because he thinks I am not as pure as he would like?
In God’s eyes I am just as pure as the virgin who has escaped reality’s cruelty.
She is no better than I, and I have no need to meet her standards.
My relationship with God is pure… as pure as His Son’s blood… and that makes me white as snow.

Will it take a man like Paul to understand a woman like me?
Are all the Noahs, Moses, and Abrahams gone?
Is there not a man who can love a woman with whom God has had to work great works (I MEAN MIRACULOUS AND BEAUTIFUL THINGS)?
Does he not want to share in the constant witnessing that provides?
Does he not want a woman who understands falling short of perfect, forgiveness of the unforgivable, and the gift of unwarranted love and salvation?
Does he not want to help me be accountable?
I need that so dearly.

I need a man who understands these things… who needs these things.
I am a woman who knows and understands the magnitude of sin, and the power of forgiveness.
I am a woman who seeks to share my God with the world, and try to reach those who are where I have been.
I am stronger on my walk because of the weaknesses I have endured and lived by.
God has made in me what character He wants me to present.
I am a woman who is not afraid to go into the sinner’s house and have dinner.
Yes, I am weary of the roaring lion, but I remember that I was a Saul before I was a Paul.
And if God could save me… He can save anyone.

I will not be ashamed of my past, or who God has made me to be today.
I will instead use my testimony for my Lord, and the great things that He has done for me.
Many say I am too soft-hearted and too forgiving, but that is not true.
I am exactly what God made me to be… forgiving and loving my neighbor.
This could be of great benefit for my husband as well.
After all, he is only human too… even after he is saved and walking with “our” God.
I could loved him just as he is.
God would want me to.

Many men will write me off because I am tainted… far from being a Mother Mary,
But, God, I thank You for sparing me of being trapped in a life with such judgmental men as these.
They are no different or any better than the unsaved men who said they would respect me the morning after.
They are no cleaner in heart than the men who have betrayed my faithful heart with another lover.
They are nothing but a stumbling block to the GREAT faith and love I have in You.
Why would I want to live with a Pharisee?
Why would I condemn myself with hypocrisy?
I want the love that You want to give me.
I want the forgiveness that gives my heart purity through the power of your Blood, that recognizes it’s the heart that You are saving, not my human flesh.

God, You have placed in me the desire to be with man.
While I would like to be the faithful virgin, You have shown me the beauty You have bestowed upon me to know the Godliness in being man’s helper.
It is not good for man or woman to be alone.
I am here to be Your witness and someone’s support.
While I wait for him, I know that he is there.
You are making us both better Christians.
And while I know it’s always possible he has been a Paul, I know that with Your love in his heart, and Your Son’s Blood consuming his soul, he will be a Father Abraham in my heart.

I know that there is a broken man out there somewhere who has been hurt, betrayed, and judged for too long.
He needs me and I need him…
And I know You will bring us together when You feel it is time for us to worship You together.
We will glorify Your name… with our individual walks, and our walk in Holy untiy.

5-2-1998 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: God’s unfailing love and unbiased mercy.
What a Man we have in Jesus! ❤
PS… Years ago I was asked to read this for a single’s program. I was so nervous! I prayed and prayed… that I was doing His will… and that He really wanted me to read THIS material. I had complete confidence until I got a few lines into reading and realized I was reading something so personal out loud. I was instantly asking God, “God! What am I doing? Why did I decide to read this OUT LOUD?? Why did I choose THIS??” He instantly assured me of His leading me to do both. I was so afraid it was going to offend someone in some way, especially the men, or be too long, just bad no matter what!
To my surprise, it was received and loved so well. I was asked for several copies (and had to make extras despite having quite a few already). I had notes passed to me of appreciation and testimonies of their own, from the men as well. I was asked to read it in a men’s Sunday School class (which I just passed on copies for them to read). God completely amazed me on how many people said we needed more honest testimonies like that among Christians.
I had several men apologizing to me, saying it convicted their hearts of how judgmental they truly were, and for placing such expectations on women who were just as in need of forgiveness as they are. I will never forget this experience. God humbled me!

God, Please Don’t Break My Heart Again

God, please don’t break my heart again.
I can’t take anymore heartache.
My tears are so exhausting.
You promise me peace if I walk with You.
You tell me if I am to be with someone to date a Christian,
Yet none of Your Christians feel I am worthy of them.
You say they love unconditionally, but they are so judgmental.
I cannot live up to their expectations.
They expect more from me than You do.
What do I do to do what You want me to do?
How do I stay faithful in dating a Christian, if Christians are looking for a goddess?
How do I find a man who loves You more,
If he would rather I do everything “he” loves me to do for You?
Oh God, I do need someone.
I had already confessed that when You broke me
Of fighting love and being close to someone.
Why must I search for something I find hard to exist?
Why must I try to come across as something that everyone claims they’re looking for,
But keep overlooking because they are looking for someone else?
God, if You have someone for me, why can’t we be together?
Why can’t we just be friends at least?
Can’t we have some idea that we are meant for each other?
I just can’t hide this holding on for someone who doesn’t seem to want to hold me.
You said not to be with someone unless I am married.
How can it be wrong to marry someone I love?
You create love.
And why should I listen to these Christian men telling me not to marry a non-Christian
When they refuse to marry “less” than perfect?
If they care so much for my soul, and think I am so worthy of a man of God,
Then why can’t they be man enough to marry me?
Why would I not be an honor to marry?
If I am of God and so inspiring, what is their hesitation?
I’m not sure, God.
Maybe it is my problem somehow. Maybe it is “our” problem.
But I know if I leave it with You that You will see me through.
I just beg of You… please don’t break my heart anymore.
I’m so tired. Just so tired of crying.
I want to share a love of God with someone.

5-2-1998 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: The struggle of a Christian single.
I still had a couple of more relationships to go through before God finally got through to me that He wanted time alone with me to fix all of the junk I had in my head…
About dating, Christian dating, love, relationships, and simply trusting Him. It’s been 15 years since my last relationship, but God knew I needed every year. I am so thankful. He is the best relationship I have ever had. He is worth trusting to show me who HE has for me, not who I have to find. He is worth being alone with and for!