The Outcast and Forgotten

Lying upon the brown of a cardboard box
Lies a soul crying out in need.
Yet the voice comes from within,
For the strength and pride would never allow a cry to be heard aloud.
Food for the hunger of one who has not eaten is not even possible.
Oh sure, there are plenty of strangers around with their own bountiful meals,
But there is no thought, no desire, and simply no tolerance
With loving thy neighbor as thyself.
There will be not even a consideration of providing nutrition for
The hunger of one who has eaten so little, so rarely,
That the body is weak and ready to surrender to death.
Warmth for a flesh that is desperately in need of heat will not be provided,
At least not by any of the strangers passing by, or residing as near as across the street,
That are preparing to enter their secure domain of heat and comfort.
Oh they might think highly of themselves enough to donate a blanket to this charity,
But they will still leave the needy alone outside,
And the rain or snow will quickly endanger that advantage.
Wrapped in a wet gift of protection,
The body shivers and quakes,
While inside wishing for comfort,
Not so much from the cold,
Not as much from the rain or snow,
Not even as much from the hunger.
Companionship… just another soul to talk with.
Someone to share thoughts with,
To smile at,
To see a smile,
To hug,
To give a hug.
Just someone to make them feel like they matter,
That they can be seen or heard.
Someone to notice that they are alive,
And actually care that they are and want them to stay that way.
With this kind of comfort, they can die in peace.
But there will be no hope for this soul tonight.
Not until… the snow falls hard and fast,
The night stays long and holds the soul close.
Upon the ground releases the soul from the body and gives life back to the Creator.
God embraces the soul that no one else would nurture.
Escorted to a mansion by the chorus of angels,
The soul is taken to Jesus,
The King of the Outcast and Forgotten,
And is embraced by the one who will never allow the soul to hunger or thirst again.
Jesus tells His friend with a heavenly voice,
“Welcome to your new home.”
As God has seen His child to safety, comfort, and eternal peace.
He prepares to visit the land in which He found the neglected and rejected friend.
The first thing He’ll do is hold those accountable responsible for their guilt.
In pain for His mistreated, He will see that there is a justified judgment sentenced.
There will be hell to pay.
Not one of the guilty will be overlooked by the wrath of God.

11-3-98 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Western Carolina Rescue Mission taken with the fellow classmates and Chaplin of Montreat College on 10-30-98

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