God’s Turn to Speak

Word after word… he strategically throws pain at my ever forgiving heart.
He does not care that I cannot bear this battle that rips me apart.
The ironic thing is that he declares to love me,
But that is only if I am what he wants me to be.
Names… he has so many for every occasion He needs.
How much he hates this child of God to mention my faith.
The more I vow a love for God, the more he comes to hate.
He does not want to hear another man has my heart and soul.
He will not share me with anyone. He wants me in whole.
But God is clear with His word and will not ignore
Anyone who is against Him, or hurts a child of the Lord.
Rising up with His right hand, God takes His child by hand.
He tells me to follow Him and together we’ll make a stand.
The man tries to manipulate and lure my heart so weak,
But God steps forward and says to the man,
“It’s my turn to speak.
You use your mouth for evil
And harness your tongue to deceit…
These things you have done and I kept silent;
You thought I was altogether like you.
But I will rebuke you
And accuse you to your face.
Consider this, you who forget God,
Or I will tear you to pieces,
With none to rescue.” (Psalms 50:19, 21-22)
The Lord strikes the man with fear and he retreats to hide
He would love to control the woman in me, but he’s not willing to die.
Shaking with terror, this man was given a message and heard it.
He simply says to God, “You can have her. She’s not worth it.”
At last, I have given my heart to a man who will not hurt me,
Or break me simply for His pleasure.
Instead, He has laid down His life to tell me I am more than special,
I am His treasure.
At peace within and out, I seek to share with others.
There is a man who loves better than any friend or lover.

11-13-98 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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