In search of a killer.
He’s searching for you.
He’s killed many others
And he will kill you too.
You’re not very perceptive
In thinking you will win.
You’ll have him begging for mercy?
Well, you’ll be the one to give in.
It’s best to put your knife away
And dare not make him upset.
For those who are the innocent,
Are the ones to meet their death.

Written by Gail Brookshire
God knows everything!

To Trust You

First, you must hold a candle
To all those who have deceived.
Secondly, you must be convincing
Enough to make me believe.
Next, you must be willing to stay
When I need you the most.
And hopefully you would realize
I need someone to hold.
Fifth, you would have to be aware
Of the cruelty in betrayal of confidence.
Sixth, you would have to believe in me,
For I am suppose to be your friend.
Seventh, you must be willing to accept me
Just the way I am.
Eighth, you must respect my privacy,
And yet also understand.
Ninth, you would have to be merciful
To forgive me at my worst.
And last of all, you would have to survive,
Knowing I wanted you to hurt.

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: TW challenged me write 10 ways I know I can trust you.
Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus ❤ God is my hero!

Teach My Son

The world is so loving.
We have so many dreams.
We’re all going to make it to heaven someday.
God is a caring man.
God gave His Son for us.
We can be forgiven.
We must have faith.
We must love one another.
And we must never leave
God out of our lives.
And we must give the children
Our love and support.

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: TW asked me to write about what I want to teach my son.
God is so good to be our voice and our pen.
God s my hero!

Rearranging Life

Wouldn’t you just love to make the world find peace?
And have all the prisoners of youth released?
To take the criminals and help them to vanish?
We’d take all of our loved one to another planet.
And wouldn’t it be beautiful if there were only black roses?
And if we could forget the things that hold us?
Ah – and to raise the dead and never leave again.
How wonderful it would feel to hold our family and friends.
Most of all, the whole world would love our God.
And when you searched for bad news, finding it – you could not!

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: TW challenging me to write about what I would like to change in the world.
God can do anything! There IS a world of perfect love and peace awaiting us!
God is my hero!

No Longer Loved

Are you cold?
Feel the desire and your shall be relieved
And enrolled into the misconception.
Are you aching?
Feel the warmth and you will be released
And led to the charade.
Don’t ask for the reasoning.
You will not accomplish anything.
Just indulge yourself in my luxury of horrid.

Written by Gail Brookshire
As I read this and remember how I felt then, I am surprised that I expressed so much need for love and caring about being deceived when I thought I was being so vague.
As I read this with the changes God has brought into my life, I am surprised to realize I felt so cold about life and people. Thank you, Jesus, for coming into life! Into my heart! ❤
God is my hero!

Made America

Soldiers lay buried,
Killed by the gun.
They fulfilled their duty.
Their duties are done.
Off to sea they went,
To protect this land of ours.
They served their country.
God gave them the power.
These are the men and women
Who fought for your rights.
They made America.
It was their fight.

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: A.D.D. challenged me to write about this.
Me and God love you, Homey!
Thank you if you have ever served! Me and God love you too!