A Man of God and Faith

A man of God and faith… for so long I have yearned for a man of God.
I’ve always thought I knew what kind of man that would be.
I thought I found one in a new man I loved so much I wanted to share my life with him.
I couldn’t understand why others could not see that he was,
And resented all those who insisted You, Oh Lord, were not happy with our being together.
I even asked why You seem to warn me as well about living my life with this man.
My heart was always convicted that he wasn’t a man of the same faith I have for You.
I didn’t want to be judgmental and accuse him like everyone else of being against God simply because he didn’t want to be a hypocrite.
But You, oh Lord, have opened my eyes with Your Holy word.

For so long You spoke to me with 2 Corinthians 6:14-18. You told me not to be unevenly yoked together with an unbeliever.
I did not understand for awhile because he said he believed in You, and who was I to judge his sincerity?
Through grace and mercy, and the spirit of truth You have shown me what You meant.
When we were struggling to know if we were meant to share our lives together with Your approval, he did not want to pray about it.
When we sinned against You together, he could not kneel with me or alone
To confess, ask for forgiveness, and strength to walk in a Holy path.
When I walked away from the relationship because of our hurting You and therefore needing time to confer with You, he was too hurt to forgive his own pain.
He told me I was too much trouble because I always had to go to the Bible, or let You talk to me in song, prayer or a fellow Christian.
He said I was weak, and couldn’t make a decision alone because I depended on You for everything.
He didn’t believe You would object to one doing whatever makes one happy, even if it’s sin.
He told me I was mixed up and just too much trouble.

This, Dear God, my Precious Protector, is what You have safeguarded me from.
For so long I defended him because of my hurting him, and my being confused.
But, God, I am only human, even as a child of God.
It is only normal that I get confused, frustrated, and lost on what to do.
You tell us that we are suppose to come to You for everything and that You will direct our paths.
I am glad that I come to You. If I did not, I would be truly lost.
A man of God will not find this to be a pain, nor to be too much trouble.
Faith in God is not “baggage.”

The man of faith You send me will understand unless I walk with You, I will get lost.
And that though I walk with You, there will be times I fall or get confused.
He will know the best thing to do will be to go to God.
That is a gift of the Lord to be able to call upon His Holy name.
And when I am so confused that I don’t know what to do about anything,
The man of God sent for me will be the gift of God intended for him to be for me, as I will be for him… support.
That is what husbands and wives are to be… helpers.
How can a man who dreads being in the same room with fellow believers of Christ know fellowship is a key treasure of the Lord?
How can a man who does not want to pray be the man God has sent to care for me?
The best thing a man or woman can do for the one they love is pray…
Together, for one another, and individually.
How can a person claim to love anyone if they are not willing to pray for them?

Now I am free of an ungodly relationship and am able to marry someone who will pray for me, for my family, my friends, strangers, and himself.
I can marry a man who will pray with our children, and whom our children can grow up seeing their father pray to his heavenly Father in heaven.
He will lead me to my knees when I fail to remember to try.
He will ask me if I have spent time alone with God each day and time in God’s word each night.
What a blessing God has saved me for and saved for me…
A man of faith, a man of God.
Lord, I obediently and patiently wait to receive such a blessing.
Thank You for Your awesome thoughtfulness.
Not only will I be married to a man of God, but I will be married to a man of faith.
That is what a believer is, oh Lord, one who believes in You, Your Word, and Your ways.

I thank You for preserving me for someone who shares in faith for You.
Thank You for not allowing me to settle for less that what You have planned for me.
If I had not listened to You, I would not be able to enjoy glorifying You with honor You deserve.
I bow before Your amazing heart.
I trust my heart, soul, and life to You.

11-15-1998 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire


3 thoughts on “A Man of God and Faith

    1. God has not brought His man for me YET. And the only reason He has us wait is to better prepare us… for that one.. and for ourselves… and to better serve Him in that marriage… and in waiting on it. For now, He has shown me I have the best relationship I will ever have in Him! He is enough… now and then. Thank you for asking. And for your kind words. God loves you!

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