Following You In A New Direction

Faith… my faith is walking with You all the way.
No matter what may come or I don’t understand,
I will not give into the doubt or confusion,
I will believe in who You are, the great I AM.
Goals are set by coming to You in prayer,
And believing that Your answer I have heard.
Though things may bring conflict or change occur,
I do not doubt what I know to be in Your Word.
Dreams are created by desires that You instill in me.
Visions are what I hear You whisper to my soul.
Though the dreams or visions are changed or shattered,
I have no reserve with leaving You in control.
Voices of this world will remind me of the past,
And remind me of things God did not plan.
But I still believe You are a loving and wise Father
That walks with me and holds my hand.
No, not everything is easy to comprehend.
There is much that confuses me still.
But You are a sovereign God who loves me enough
To teach me the value of Your will.
When I do not understand and am lost to find my way,
I know that I can trust in the lamp You provide.
Scriptures and prayer are where I follow You.
I know even when blind I can trust You as my guide.
Father, I thank You for Your presence each moment
And for walking me through the darkest hours.
Thank You for being a God who loves to be a friend.
I bow before Your amazing love and heavenly powers.

9-30-1999 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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