Following You In A New Direction

Faith… my faith is walking with You all the way.
No matter what may come or I don’t understand,
I will not give into the doubt or confusion,
I will believe in who You are, the great I AM.
Goals are set by coming to You in prayer,
And believing that Your answer I have heard.
Though things may bring conflict or change occur,
I do not doubt what I know to be in Your Word.
Dreams are created by desires that You instill in me.
Visions are what I hear You whisper to my soul.
Though the dreams or visions are changed or shattered,
I have no reserve with leaving You in control.
Voices of this world will remind me of the past,
And remind me of things God did not plan.
But I still believe You are a loving and wise Father
That walks with me and holds my hand.
No, not everything is easy to comprehend.
There is much that confuses me still.
But You are a sovereign God who loves me enough
To teach me the value of Your will.
When I do not understand and am lost to find my way,
I know that I can trust in the lamp You provide.
Scriptures and prayer are where I follow You.
I know even when blind I can trust You as my guide.
Father, I thank You for Your presence each moment
And for walking me through the darkest hours.
Thank You for being a God who loves to be a friend.
I bow before Your amazing love and heavenly powers.

9-30-1999 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire


How in the world do I write what I have seen?

How do I testify, yet beautify the ugly that’s been?

If I tell all of the good and none of the bad,

No one will ever believe the good I’ve had.

Yet if I tell all the bad and not the good,

I and You would be very misunderstood.

Different worlds have different backgrounds,

And even joy has different ways to abound.

You have saved me from so much bad,

Your salvation being what made me glad.

Yet so many have fallen along the way,

Sometimes it seems necessary to say.

How unfair it seems not to recognize

Souls who have had such tragic lives.

Not everyone wants to destroy their world,

But not everyone has the privilege of self-control.

What I have seen I will have to write,

As I wait for You my pen to guide.

May it always be to glorify You

And every word be faithfully true.

In Jesus Name, Amen!


4-12-11 Written by Gail Brookshire

(by the grace of God)