Thoughts and Kisses Afar

Hello, my love, I greet you from afar.
My heart speaks your name and smiles.
I wonder how you are this day,
And how you are across the miles.
Are you thinking of me at all?
Do God and I cross your mind?
Does your heart carry us,
Or do you leave us behind?
My faith and trust in you agree,
Your heart would not allow
To leave behind your lady or God,
And think of us even now.
Thoughts and kisses escape my lips.
They seek to be with you.
When you hear and feel them near,
Know that God does love you too.

12-30-1999 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

The Advantage of Solitude With You

Driving as the sun lowers in the sky,
I feel as though the world is saying goodnight.
Yet only to sneak off and do things in the night
That cannot wait till tomorrow.
And that would not dare be done in the sunlight.
I lower myself down the hill.
Driving down this particular slope,
I feel as though I am floating.
My thoughts are how many people are preparing
“For the night”
Satan tries to sadden me with,
“And how is it going to make you feel being left out?
What are you going to do tonight?”
I feel so at peace when I think,
“I am going to go home, take advantage of solitude,
Do the work I know I need to do for school,
And do it all while in the arms of my Savior.
He loves it when I read.
I will read to Him.
And when I am tired, I will rest in His arms,
As I feel his fingers put my hair behind my ear
And comforts me with love.”
Just by being with Him, I allow Him to be with me.
I know we BOTH enjoy it.
I drive through the lights and make it home.
As I dress to snuggle up with a good book,
I put on my warm robe and socks.
Getting something to drink and something to snack on,
I am ready.
Lord, thank You for being with me.
I knew You WANTED to be with me.
I KNEW You were looking forward to it.
My journey home was a peaceful drive.
Now, I am here to just ‘spend time with You’
You are JUST as special to me.
I love You.”

10-11-1999 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Driving down Louisiana Ave. at dusk

1999: A Year to Struggle and Complete

Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Nine… what a year.
For me it has been a year to struggle and complete.
From school to relationships, to health and strength.
This was the year to shout the victory or face defeat.
I began it with joy and confidence, and peace, and strength.
I walked through blinding light and deceiving signs.
I fought the war of keeping my sanity, as well as family and friends.
And though I may have lost a little of each, God’s light still shines.
Friends have passed on, babies were born, families continued to fight.
Relationships fell apart, some began, some were declared forever.
People turned their back on each other, some thought only of themselves
But praise the Lord for those who made up and faced thing together.
So much began, so much continued, so much came to an end.
So much life and death took place in this year that is passing us by.
Love was found, love prevailed, love continued to grow.
And even when love seemed forsaken, God’s love heard the cry.
For me it was the year my schooling would be complete.
Now I am to seek God’s purpose in my education,
And praise Him that His guiding light never fades.
The year 2000 we are approaching is the Big Y2K,
And a new millennium for God’s created art.
But no matter what may happen I will always be convinced
That God holds us in His loving and caring heart.

12-30-1999 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

He Loves It When I Read

He loves it when I read. He says it makes me look so beautiful.
Says it makes me seem so full of passion and life,
So filled with a special understanding that only a writer can have.
And when I write he says I have an understanding only a writer can have.
What is it about this man that makes him love to see me read?
And why is it I feel so loved just because he lays there and listens?
He listens with such attentiveness.
He listens with such curiosity, as though he can not wait to hear what happens.
And when he really enjoys it, he can’t wait to have me read it again.
When I ask him if he’s tired, he answers,
“I could never grow tired of hearing your voice speaking any words of this world.”
How warm and special that makes me feel,
And with the glow in his eyes and his contented expression,
I know that he is sincere.
He does not try to leave, nor would he dare.
He wants to hold me as I read and watch my face tell the story.
He says I glow even more when reading to children,
And that it makes him eager for us to have children to read to.
He longs to see their contented and happy faces,
So eager for what will happen,
And lighting up from the simple joy of knowing
“Mommy likes to read to us” and “Mommy makes it so fun.”
How wonderful he is to me.
What a heart he carries within.
And when I am so tired that I cannot hold the book,
Keep my eyes focused, or read when my voice is so dry,
He is more heavenly than I could have dreamed of.
This man knows my heart and says to me,
“There is no doubt you love to hear the words and stories you share.
Your love for making it fun and comforting for others is beautiful.
Let me hold the book as I hold you, and share with you with joy.”
Ah, my heart is love-stricken with a man who understands.
He takes me in his arms, my book within his hand,
And the words upon his comforting voice.
How delightful it sounds to hear the words come from his heart.
How comforting to hear his voice exhale the words.
I feel so safe and blessed by a loving God.
Thank You, Lord, for the love of reading and writing.
Literature and all of Your wonderful creations within Your writers
Are Your work of art and a part of my joy in living among it all.
Thank you, my love, for being a part of my soul.
I write this one for you and God.

10-8-1999 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: A man who loved to hear me read, and inspired me to know my purpose with others.

Following You In A New Direction

Faith… my faith is walking with You all the way.
No matter what may come or I don’t understand,
I will not give into the doubt or confusion,
I will believe in who You are, the great I AM.
Goals are set by coming to You in prayer,
And believing that Your answer I have heard.
Though things may bring conflict or change occur,
I do not doubt what I know to be in Your Word.
Dreams are created by desires that You instill in me.
Visions are what I hear You whisper to my soul.
Though the dreams or visions are changed or shattered,
I have no reserve with leaving You in control.
Voices of this world will remind me of the past,
And remind me of things God did not plan.
But I still believe You are a loving and wise Father
That walks with me and holds my hand.
No, not everything is easy to comprehend.
There is much that confuses me still.
But You are a sovereign God who loves me enough
To teach me the value of Your will.
When I do not understand and am lost to find my way,
I know that I can trust in the lamp You provide.
Scriptures and prayer are where I follow You.
I know even when blind I can trust You as my guide.
Father, I thank You for Your presence each moment
And for walking me through the darkest hours.
Thank You for being a God who loves to be a friend.
I bow before Your amazing love and heavenly powers.

9-30-1999 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Tragedy Is Building A Strong Soul

Tragedy implanted into a heart of strength,
A heart so compassionate and true,
Always considerate of others,
And dedicated to following a Savior too.
Love tries to mend what has been done,
But the truth that God reminds us
Is pain and memories have been grounded
And will always be a part of the heart
To ensure avoiding a repeat.
Ugliness along the way touches others.
A soul is seeking to survive the pain.
Love and more love, and plenty of patience
Is what the afflicted soul will need.
For God will renew the heart with strength
Built uniquely from that tragedy.
And when the soul stands up,
There will be no tearing down
What God has built so strong.

9-22-1999 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

The Chat Room Walk Addiction

Night in sky… oh hear my cry… I long for company to visit.
I have a love and a friend, but no one seems to miss me.
I have a computer and Internet, a Buddy List galore,
FreeTel, and everything, yet I am what all ignore.
I work all day on this thing for school and for play.
No one wants to take a minute or two and just say hey.
I dare to open up the pathway to anyone who’ll talk.
I get so lonely for conversation I take the Chat Room walk.
What I find there can be so ugly, but sometimes so nice.
At least someone will listen and/or give me some advice.
It’s not always my friends or lover’s fault. They have things to do.
But there are plenty of times I see them on and they won’t say, “Boo!”
I send an IM and EM, and patiently wait my turn for a reply.
I know that they have many windows open,so do I.
I play a solitaire game, write a poem, and wait for a flashing box.
But curiosity and loneliness get the best of me and I become a fox.
Slyly I enter a room where people are engaged in TALK! Oh TALK!
I sit and watch as much as possible until I know it’s rude to gawk.
“Hi, my name is” and “f/30/nc” goes out to the room alive.
“Hi, NAME!” comes back to me and my chat blood starts to thrive.
Finally the world acknowledges my existence on this Net.
And I am up till morning light making friends I won’t forget.
Next day arrives , computer on,and what do my ears hear?
“You’ve Got Mail” and inside I jump or cheer.
“Instant Message from Lover or Friend” appears on screen too.
“What have you been doing?”
“Oh, not much… and you?”

9-19-1999 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: What else? Chat Addiction.