Rustic Retreat

All my life I’ve written letters
To friends and loved ones too.
And no one ever understood
What it meant to say, “I love you.”
Sure there were those who said,
“Oh, that’s really nice,”
But rewarded me with abandonment.
With every word was a price.
How could they misunderstand
The difference between love and pain?
When I said I hope we’ll last,
I didn’t mean through the rain.
And all of those who fought with me
Said they accepted my apology,
But still walked away to think
And never returned to me.
So far away, so many souls,
And no one wants to write.
Though I’ve sent so many letters,
The words I say aren’t right.
So now I think I will protest
And stop this self expressing.
It’s like loving some who doesn’t love you,
And really becomes depressing.
So to those of you I’ve written letters,
There are other things in life that are better.

11-23-1990 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. Boy was I whiny when I was younger.No one around me was into writing, which was probably how I got away with putting such personal things into my poetry and no one ever getting it. 😉 I will give you a piece of advice though, if you long to have someone write you a note. Send someone else a card or a note… for a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation, an engagement, a wedding, away from home at college, or just because. Write them with no expectation of a response or anything in return! So many people want the same gesture of friendship or a simple note from someone like you do… especially one that is a delightful surprise. When God had me doing a writing ministry where I did the same thing, I assure you that while I had no clue it would mean so much, it was an absolute blessing to receive notes and card in return that let me know how it blessed them! Nothing is better than sharing God’s love… and feeling it come right back at you! God is so amazing!

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