Fear or Faith

O.K. So I’m writing. Big Deal.
I happen to be scared.
The big day is coming. It’s on its way.
And I have to make sure I’m there.
I know it’s all a frightening thing,
But I need to go ahead and face it.
There’s only one way to survive it.
God’s hand. Nothing can ever replace it.
I don’t know what I want to say.
I only know I’m scared.
And though I want to talk about it,
I’d rather just have a hug to share.

11-23-1990 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. It’s amazing how God continues to bring up my old poetry at times that are so similar to things I am going through or talking about now. At the same time. praise His Holy name, many things are so different. But if you do not pay attention to the year I wrote them, you could easily think there is something to worry about. I see why different friends address concerns about things they are reading. Please don’t worry. God has been so good to me. He has brought me through many dark pits, and I know I struggle with that darkness at times, but I am NO WHERE NEAR where I used to be. Thank you for caring about me.
God is my hero!! And He loves you too! ❤

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