Swaddle Knock

Flicker, flacker, why, and not.
I haven’t got a clue.
You tangle the fishing line
And throw a hula hoop.
What you say with dimling din
And fumble to pass it along!
Do you not see the mermaid
Or hear her midnight song?
Crack at bat, you swing at that,
And bunt a foul too soon.
Do you not hear the howling?
Turn off that full lit moon.
Oh swaddle knock, it is too late.
The words rock the boat.
Shoulda put the kettle on,
But fed the billy goat.

11.9.2020 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire

The Paper Waits to Relay

Words, thoughts, chasing shadows.
Things heavy on my mind.
There are no answers for the questions.
The days are left behind.
The pen runs with the ink.
The paper waits to relay.
Do the words have Your permission?
What are they allowed to say?
Weary, scared, confused,
The world wonders what to do.
The pen needs to write the message,
God loves you!

10.21.2020 Wednesday
written by Gail Brookshire

Put It Out There For God

Push the pen. Push the ink.
Push the words to their brink.
Write the message. Write the story.
Write to give God all His glory.
Create the image. Create the vision.
Create in everything written.
Share the wonder. Share the history.
Share the wonder of God’s mystery.
Bring to life. Bring to attention.
Bring forth all that God mentioned.
Joy in His beauty. Joy in His love.
Joy in your home waiting for you above.
Close with mercy. Close with grace.
Close with God leading the way.

1.28.2020 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Within the Ink

Within the ink lies a message
That God wants me to speak.
It might be a message to encourage the strong,
Or a message to strengthen the weak.
It might be a message that says He cares,
Or that He is displeased with deeds.
It might be a message that says He’s listening
To all who call while on their knees.
It might be a message for someone specific,
Or intended just for me.
But whatever the message is He’s sending,
My pen will let it be.
For my hand obeys the Master who made it,
And serves within every word.
I pray that Your ears and mind obey also,
And serve in having heard.

6-23-2003 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire

God’s Writer

God’s Writer… that’s what I am, God… Your writer.
You allow me this beautiful privilege
Of taking words and comforting others,
With words that can only come from Your Spirit
Whispering so softly in my ear.
You allow me the honor of being the first
To witness the powerful message
You have given my pen to witness for You.
I am amazed and overwhelmed by what
My ink has revealed from my soul.
Only You could place such wonder in my hand.
You teach me and bless me
Just as those You reach out to through me.
Thank You for being such a generous God.
Thank You for sharing with me
The ability to share You with others,
In my pen, in my mouth, in my life.
Thank You for making me Your writer… God’s Writer.

6-23-2003 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: I use to go by God’s Writer when social media first came about.
But as that became popular for others to use, I began to feel so unworthy
To even call myself that. Eventually gaillovesgod became my username
because it was what He helped me to see was my testimony…
To still love Him… no matter what… that in itself is a miracle and a
Privilege for any of us… to be able to love someone and that someone
Love us. God is that someone! And always will be! ❤

Rustic Retreat

All my life I’ve written letters
To friends and loved ones too.
And no one ever understood
What it meant to say, “I love you.”
Sure there were those who said,
“Oh, that’s really nice,”
But rewarded me with abandonment.
With every word was a price.
How could they misunderstand
The difference between love and pain?
When I said I hope we’ll last,
I didn’t mean through the rain.
And all of those who fought with me
Said they accepted my apology,
But still walked away to think
And never returned to me.
So far away, so many souls,
And no one wants to write.
Though I’ve sent so many letters,
The words I say aren’t right.
So now I think I will protest
And stop this self expressing.
It’s like loving some who doesn’t love you,
And really becomes depressing.
So to those of you I’ve written letters,
There are other things in life that are better.

11-23-1990 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. Boy was I whiny when I was younger.No one around me was into writing, which was probably how I got away with putting such personal things into my poetry and no one ever getting it. 😉 I will give you a piece of advice though, if you long to have someone write you a note. Send someone else a card or a note… for a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation, an engagement, a wedding, away from home at college, or just because. Write them with no expectation of a response or anything in return! So many people want the same gesture of friendship or a simple note from someone like you do… especially one that is a delightful surprise. When God had me doing a writing ministry where I did the same thing, I assure you that while I had no clue it would mean so much, it was an absolute blessing to receive notes and card in return that let me know how it blessed them! Nothing is better than sharing God’s love… and feeling it come right back at you! God is so amazing!

Like the Late Greats

Words written by the greats
Are the ones I long to write.
Most of them are now the lates,
But I meet them in the night.
My favorite one is Elizabeth,
She wrote “How Do I Love Thee.”
Wouldn’t you love to hear it read
As you rest beneath the tree?
And Edgar Allan Poe was great,
Although some find him depressing.
And last of all, but not at all least,
Shakespeare was the best.
He had a thought for everyone.
His life was not a test.
How I long to write like them
And leave the world my mark.
Simply to share the art of words
That come from within my heart.

11-15-1990 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. Wow. And here I thought I never had any favorites. 😉
Now I just want to write for God. He can do whatever He wants with it!


Sacred words,
Secret souls,
Tragedies of pain.

More frustrations,
Soon to be insane.

So many characteristics.

How do we seem to miss it?

6-4-1990 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. Do you get it? No? Good! That’s the objective!

The Pen Flows

The pen flows…
the ink along.
It pens a poem
and then a song.
The hand does write
upon the pad,
a little joy,
a little sad.
The words do form
in what you read.
Does it please
or meet a need?
Take from it
what you will.
Endless joy
or nothing to feel.

8-9-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

Unplugging Your Pen

I can’t do it, LORD.
I just can’t stop writing.
It’s like plugging my ears to You.
You are far too exciting!
You share Your secrets
And bless me with insight.
You help me bless others
And shine Your light.
Your words pour down
Like rain on my soul,
Sometimes rushing
Like waves that roll.
How dare I miss
One single Word.
How dare I not share
What I have heard.
Your words give life.
They’re what I breathe.
Without their presence,
My soul doth seethe.
Though doubts can challenge
My obedience to You,
I must write
And share more of You!

7-22-15 written by Gail Brookshire

Permission to Pen

So freeing is the pen that dances on the page.
So beautiful is the ink that displays.
So strong is the paper that supports.
So refreshing are the words that convey.
How does one go without the pen?
How does one restrain the ink?
How does one avoid the paper?
How does one refrain what they think?
It is such a challenge not to pen.
A challenge to keep the ink dry.
The paper waits in agony
To let the mind cry.
“Here am I. I do exist! My thoughts are burning within!”
They wait for God’s Holy Spirit to permit, “Begin.”

written by Gail Brookshire