Not Giving Up On Your Love

God, who’s going to hold me?
Who’s going to love me anymore?
Who could possibly love me as much as he did?
Who would want to put up with me even half as much as he loved to?
How could I believe another pair of eyes vowing me love forever?
How could I possibly trust my heart to anyone when there is no one who will ever care What is going on inside of me like he did?
I know I keep looking back, but God our love was so beautiful.
I know it’s not meant to be and we are to move on, and I’m trying to look ahead.
That’s when I am more rational and realistic than I have ever been.
How could anyone possibly love me?
I am such a burden, such a load.
I come with so much baggage.
I have always been so strong, but the more I trust and get hurt
The harder it is to do it anymore.
I pray that You help me got give up.
Don’t let me give up on love.
You are love, and I know You will always love me.
Thank You for loving me… baggage and all.
Thank You for putting up with me…
when I cry so much, get so down, get so excited,
or simply drive myself crazy and anybody in my path.
Thank You for being so patient and loving.
Thank You for spending so much time with me.
Nothing is more comforting and valuable than time spent away from the world,
arm in arm, tear in tear, smile in smile,
just enjoying the conversation, the silence, or just the night.
Quality moments are just that… moments of quality.
Thank You for Your quality love.
Thank You for Your merciful heart.
You are so forgiving  and loving.
Whether I ever love again or not, am loved again or not,
None will ever love me like You do.
Because no one will ever make me feel the way You do.
You are the ultimate love.
I thank You for all the love You ever allowed me to know, feel, and share.
I pray that I do You fair in what way can be fair from me to You.
I am no queen or saint.
An angel is not my calling, but I love You all the more anyway.
Praise You for love.
You are love.
I will never love anyone like I love You.

12-18-1998 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. Reading this years later is so hard to stomach. I cannot believe how pitiful I spoke.
How incredibly horrible a testimony I was making for my Lord! My Father who loves me and makes me worth anything! As hard as it is to keep this, I follow God’s leading so that other’s who are in the same situation, or are so afflicted by their anxiety and self esteem issues that they would see how easy it is to trash yourself when the person you are in a relationship with does the same thing. I know it’s hard to walk away sometimes, but the greatest love of your life is waiting to help you feel and grow strong! Don’t let someone else help you to believe those horrible lies. God loves you! HE makes you special! ❤

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