God, I Hold Onto You

God, I hold onto You.
No matter how much Satan helps me to betray.
I cling to Your promise to never let me go too far.
I cling to Your promise of endless love.
I cling to Your promise of eternal salvation.
I cling to faith built on facts, not feelings.
Faith that Your word is true when You said,
“Come to me and I will never forsake You.”
Not the feeling that You’re going to leave me
like everyone else who said they’d love me forever.
I trust You like I trust no one else.
I trust You even when I am in doubt, confused,
or simply don’t understand.
I understand enough to know that whatever happens
Your hand is over it all.
You are there in the midst of it all.
And You are doing everything in my best interest.
You know my situation better than I do.
I know You are holding on to me too.
Thank You!

3-29-03 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

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