A New Wonderful Song

A new song I sing unto my Lord.
Praise I give His name.
Lifting up my praise with hands
For all the wonders of my life.
The wonder of my existence.
The wonder of my Savior.
The wonder of His gift of salvation.
The wonder of His love for me.
The wonder of my family.
The wonder of my friends.
The wonder of my enemies
Who have become a blessed friend.
The wonder of my Daily Bread,
And the wonder of meeting my needs,
Always right when I need them most.
The wonder of my God,
Being full of only who He can be
Makes my soul rejoiceful.
Therefore I praise my Savior
Who is called Wonderful.

3-4-2002 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. I love You, Lord! And lift my “pen” to worship You!

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