The Light Stays Awake

My friends used to be there for me.
They use to really care.
But I’ve brought them despair,
I’ve brought them misery.
So why should I sit here and feel sorry
That they won’t even call?
I should expect it after all.
But without their love, it’s horrible.
There could never be a minute or two
That I would throw them out.
Friends are what life’s all about.
They help you to make it through.
My pain I feel now, is something sharp.
But something I must deal with.
Although, sometimes I’d rather wish
That I could escape behind the harp.
Well, life has a calling for me.
It’s saying to come and sleep.
I need to before I start to weep.
And find I can’t break free.
The light is going to stay awake
And keep me from my dreams.
For some are worse than they may seem
When you make the worst mistake,
Falling asleep.

4-10-1992 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. so long ago

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