Should They Really Break Up?

They’re so young and so in love,
But so suffocated by life.
It’s hard being the perfect paradise
When you’re a restless husband and wife.
Friends come between a love
That’s meant to be of strength.
You shouldn’t have to defend yourself
When others shouldn’t be butting in.
When two become as one in marriage,
The vow to God is forever.
You can’t keep a love alive
If you’re not even going to be together.
So why is everyone pushing them
Just because they were married so young?
There is no law that says love has an age.
So why should they come undone?
Love is a sacred thing.
So they should try to fight for each other.
But how can they try to survive
When they’re intruded by others?

2-19-1992 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: My cousins

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