Cleanse My Unfaithful Pen

Do I still have Your permission?
Do I still have Your blessing?
Do I still have Your gift?
Even after all the misuse?
Even after all the waste?
I am sorry for anything I have ever
Written outside of Your will.
I am so sorry for writing
Anything that would disgrace Your name.
I am sorry for marring Your testimony.
You are so pure, so Holy, so righteous.
I am sorry for not always being
What You ask and expect of me.
I pray for Your mercy and grace.
I pray that You would cleanse me
And my unfaithful pen.
If You will allow me
To share of You,
To share for You,
And to share with You,
I would be honored and blessed.
Not because I am special,
But because Your mercy
Would once again testify
Of what a loving and forgiving God You are.

8-26-2005 Friday
Written By Gail Brookshire

I Want To Write Something

God, I want to write something just for You.
Something so special that lets You know I love You.
I want to write something that shows my sincerity
and my deepest wishes to honor and obey You.
I want to write something to let You know
just how grateful I am to You for Jesus.
I want to write something that lets Him know
how I appreciate His sacrifice for me.
I want to write something that doesn’t just
share the news and love about Jesus,
but something that is so compelling,
so easy to understand,
so impossible to get away from,
that they won’t go another minute
without kneeling and giving their souls to You.
I want to write something so special somehow,
so much.
But Lord, “I” can’t write anything.
“You” are the one who writes “through” me.
And if there’s nothing You want to say just now…
that’s OK.
If You just want to spend this time alone with me,
I am glad to have You here with me.
I love You.

5-6-03 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)