Weeping With Jeremiah

A pen so devastated, it’s hard to lift
To write the depth of such a godless drift.
How can one ever turn away
From a God who loves us every day?
The gore, the violence, throwing children into fire.
Worshipping other gods, the soul for hire.
Selling one’s souls for idols or self.
Though God plea with His children Himself,
The eye will not see, and the ear will not hear.
Though warned of desolation, they have no fear.
God gave their fathers land on which they stand,
But they trust more in their own hands.
Now God has given Jeremiah a vision.
He’s to warn the people of God’s just decision.
There will be wrath, destruction, and desolation.
God will punish this Godless nation.
A tear from Jeremiah, a tear from God,
A tear from me to see the almond tree rod.
Turn, People, turn! Return to Him!
Take your idols and burn them.
The God who made you and gave you life
Wants to rid your daily strife.
Do not let yourselves be carried away.
Return to God, and STAY!

9.3.2021 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Jeremiah 1-10