The Family Will Fight!

Family feuding over a will.
It’s enough to break anyone’s will.
Why must people fight and be so greedy?
Why can’t they love and help the needy?
Someone lived a life thinking of others,
And yet their gift causes war between sisters and brothers/
Fighting, cussing, it’s enough to make you scream,
Why do they refuse to work together as a team?
God, please, intervene and play referee.
Have everything as YOU would have it to be
Siblings and immediate relatives at war.
Don’t they know what inheritance is for?
It was the gift from the one we lost
To make our lives less of a cost.
Can’t they be thankful they were thought of
And let that generosity be enough?
Lord, I pray for our family as they converse.
Help us to think of the heart, not the purse.

3-15-2000 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: MKFL

Living In Fear and Hope

Today, tomorrow, who knows when
This world will yet come to an end.
Living in fear of life itself is enough.
But to worry about fire, storms, and war is tough.
Does anybody care about life at the least?
Doesn’t anybody want to live in peace?
I know I do, cause I want to see the sun.
Of all the pain love brought, I want to find the fun.
The joy of waking in his arms each day.
And when I’m upset, a soft voice to say, “It’s ok.”
To see the day when we join together,
And tell the whole world we are forever.
To see the beautiful children we will create.
To see all that would be just great.
I want to see what I can make of my life,
Knowing I had to be extremely careful with each strife.
So if you’re listening to me, tell me what you feel.
And if you feel the same, tell me something real.

4-16-1986 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: our country being at war

We’re A Country

A country at war,

that’s what we are.

Are we keeping You

near or far?

A country in debt,

that’s what we owe.

Do we invest

or just say no?

A country of filth,

buried in our rights.

Is our cleansing

even in sight?

A country of pride,

we’ve thrown You out.

I don’t want to reject You.

Bring revival about.


9-21-11 Written by Gail Brookshire

(by the grace of God)

Faith Amidst Uncertainty

Children in America. Children in Iraq.
Children in Afghanistan. Children in the world.
All of God’s little angels are in fear.
Bombs going off. Missiles flying by.
Guns rounding off. Planes roaring above.
No one knows anymore what will happen here.
Families going broke. Children starving to death.
Soldiers dying from germs. Leaders risking lives.
Where are the confused to turn for peace?
Priests praying. Choirs singing.
Candle light gatherings. Hand in hand choirs.
Only God knows when it will all cease.
Bowed heads. Closed eyes.
Whispering lips. Heavy hearts.
Bended knees go to the front for battle.
Weary minds. Frightened nerves.
Worried souls. Unsettled bones.
Shaking knees rely on God to stop their rattle.

3-20-03 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

A Need For Prayer

In the middle of the night,
yet for them the dawning of day,
The man who leads our country
Brought need for the world to pray.
Our country is striking another.
Our soldiers are now at war.
And if you think our citizens will debate,
Wait till you see what the UN has in store.
In every way possible
A fight is full and raging.
All to defend each other’s stand
In the war that America is waging.
Dear Lord, may we all take heed
And remember it is in your hand.
I pray that we will all again know peace
And be given wisdom to understand.

3-20-03 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
American, whether I agree or not