New Set of Rules

Well there you have it.
The law has been laid down,
by the God who has written it,
and Moses throwing it to the ground.
Sin has caused a raging fire.
The earth has opened her mouth.
Those who do not stand on God’s side
are taken out.
Does this mean that God has given up?
Does this mean He’s had enough?
This means His word is true.
This means His word is just.
To be given the blessing of guidance,
obedience is a must.
Praise God for His determination
to give us His word.
Praise God for His desire
to be heard.
God has cleaned the slates.
He has started anew,
a new set of rules
instructing what to do.
We are all given
yet another chance
to side with God
and take a stance.

3-31-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspired by Pastor Jimmy preaching Moses… A Man for the Ages