Freaking Out On God

God, I’m freaking out.
I have so many things that stress me out.
I just freak.
Is it ok to freak out?
Is freaking out biblical?
Is it offensive to You?
What do we do when we freak?
What do we do when we come to You,
Pray, trust, read, trust,
And still freak out.?
Are we really trusting to begin with?
Is it possible to freak out
while trusting You at the same time?
I pray it is not wrong.
I pray You would be my calm.
Calm my storm in me.
Help me to be still and know
That You are God.
Help my heart not be troubled.
Help me to fix my mind on Thee.
And I will praise You
For redirecting my mind
That I might not freak out on You.

8-23-2005 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

I Don’t Want to Lose

Why are you so angry? I was saying what I feel.
Does it not matter to you that my feelings are real?
I just want things to be perfect, or at least somewhere near.
As many times as I say it, it never seems to be clear.
My darling, I would die if your love I ever lost.
When it comes to living life, without you I could not.
You never seem to understand why I say I care.
And when your troubles get you down, I always want to be there.
All the words within my heart could never be enough
to make you somehow see I don’t want to lose your love.

3-23-89 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
PS… Written at the request of a friend