My Sweet Amore

My present thought is of you and of the love we share…
Warming my nights, as if to say… I care.
My heart, my love, my time, will always be with you.
Water will surface and fade, as well as our emotions.
Yet, like the sun will rise again, as the moon whispers… Good night,
Our love will shine again,
Glowing on in time.
A moment will yet come.
A moment to sit and embrace.
When I’ll look into your ocean…
Painted within your eyes,
And hear your words protecting my heart,
So tenderly, as you say you love me.
Hurry, my sweet, I long to feel you near.
For as the stars await for the night…
I’ll continue to wait for you.
Until we are as one again… I love you.

10-12-1988 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Pursuit of Faithfulness

Long ago, You and I met.
You pursued my wondering heart.
You saw something in me I didn’t.
Something You saw from the start.
It was You in me,
Yet I had never known Your presence.
You would make yourself known.
I would fall in love with Your essence.
Growing together along the way,
It was You who was leading me,
Teaching me so much about You
And how You desired for things to be.
More and more Your vision
Would become my very own.
I have never regretted
You melting my heart of stone.
Each day holds something new
To reassure me of my place
Within Your faithful love
And Your tender embrace.

6-23-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: My Faithful Savior

Your Influence

Your precious love abides. Your Spirit lives inside.
Your presence pleases me. Your comfort eases me.
Your guiding light leads. My obedience heeds.
Your word instructs. My discipline trusts.
Your hymn lifts my voice. I praise by choice.
Your encouragement cheers. Your tenderness endears.
Your mercy secures. Your grace assures.
Your salvation saves. My humility behaves.
Your insight inspires. My rebellion retires.

7-17-15 written by Gail Brookshire