Thank You For The Love

Thank You, Sweet Jesus, for the love in this world existing in every soul.
Though it may be rare we share with each other, it is a treasure to hold.
Thank You, Lord, for the care of every heart alive who try to do their best.
For many souls are led astray and become your newest test.
If everyone would take a chance and make the first step out,
They would see how much love is in the world, and they would not have their doubts.
But as it is, we are all fooled with the lie of how we’re all so wicked.
No one trusts the other one when concern is expressed. So when the love comes in, we all tend to miss it.

Written by Gail Brookshire

God Is #1

I’m sorry. I miss writing to You.
I just get so tired from working,
doing Jaycee stuff,
and being a friend, lover,
mother, sister, daughter, granddaughter,
and anything else I may be requested of in life.
But You, God, You are still number 1 to me.
You will always come first.
The only reason I spend so much time with others
is because of the love I have for You
and the love You placed in my heart for others.
Good night, Sweet Jesus.
Help me to serve You.
Know that I love You.
Be with us all,
and I pray for everyone who needs a prayer.
In Sweet Jesus name, I pray.
Praise God!

9-15-91 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

Sweet Jesus #1

What a name You have to love.
A name given from our God above.
Your name is exalted above the rest.
Your love will win the test.
It’s hard to live without You.
Why would I want to doubt you?
You’re all I’ll ever need in life.
You’re my only comfort through pain and strife.
It’s just no use to try and run.
I’ll always love You. You’re the only one.
So as I lay my head to rest,
I deeply pray for You the best.
Keep my soul engraved for God,
and know that I love You more than a lot.

6-29-91 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)* The (#1) is because as I have looked back over my poetry through the years, I have found poems titled the same not realizing I had more than one with same title. I have used this title 3 times…lol.