Submitting to the Love of Christ

God, I guess it’s just You and me again.
I guess love is not meant to be… again.
Is it ever going to be meant?
I know I want to believe so.
I thought You wanted me to believe so.
Is it possible that sometimes we believe in things
That aren’t meant to be,
But even You want us to believe it,
To encourage us to do things we wouldn’t otherwise?
I felt like You wanted me to be someone’s support.
I thought You wanted me to honor You with a Christian marriage.
I thought You wanted me to submit to a Christian husband.
I thought You were telling me, “It is not good for man [or woman] to be alone.”
I guess it’s always possible You thought You wanted that,
But saw it would be better if I not.
I am sorry that I become so impatient.
Forgive me of my transgression in this relationship.
Allow, in me, Your will to be done, not mine.
I seek only to please You and obey.
My life is Yours to do, as You will.
My heart is Yours to hold whatever the path.
Jesus is the love I seek to know first.
I pray, whether I am to share Him in a Christian marriage,
Or in Christian singleness,
That You will allow my heart to always be filled
With the wonderful and merciful love of Jesus Christ.
In Your Son’s name I pray,
My Savior… Amen.

1-2-2000 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Being Ruthlike

Following God in rough times
can lead to good things…
comfort, security, a home,
and a new song to sing.
Following God when all seems good
can leave a testimony stronger.
When we obey others
we can give God honor.
Blessings are mercy.
Blessings are grace.
We have blessings
when God is in the place.
Giving all to God
no matter what others see,
allows God to honor us
so He can receive all glory.

5-15-12 Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Ruth 1-4