Past, Present, and Future Sinner

A sinner trapped in a sinful world.
A saved sinner struggling to resist.
My fellow Christians insist it’s easy.
Yet the temptations seem to persist.
Years have passed since my rebirth,
And every day I fight to obey.
My Lord and Savior was crucified once,
And my renewed sin is how I repay.
My Christian friends would say, Don’t write that!”
“Don’t encourage Satan to continue!”
But I write exactly what is fact.
When Christ himself knows it to be true.
I stumble, I fall, I fail my Savior daily.
Though I dream of perfection, I defect.
My Savior has given me mercy and salvation.
My actions could convince that I reject.
A word or two formed upon this paper.
Only the Holy Spirit can create a masterpiece.
When Christ forgives you of your sins,
Let past, present, and future be your peace.

12-9-2003 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

We’re Not Letting Go

Struggling to know who You are,
I search for a way to be clean.
Struggling to know who I am,
I search for what my life means.
You and I are supposed to be together
In all that happens each day.
Help me to understand things
That have already happened along the way.
Life is short and uncertain.
You can call for us any time.
Please make peace between us.
I need to know we’re fine.
Help me to fight my demons.
They want to take my soul.
Please make them understand,
You and I are not letting go!

5-17-03 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

Needing Your Compassion

Lord, there is so much need.
So many people hurting inside.
Some struggle with how they’re living.
Some feel like they have died.
Hunger beats so mercilessly
on those already weak.
Depression fights so vigorously
on those who no longer seek.
Pain and agony rob life,
disease and illness destroy sanity.
Unkind and selfish thieves
rob the poor with their vanity.
How hopeless it all seems
when we focus on the bad.
Yet we forget you saw
all the things that make You sad.
Thank You for being our hope,
our only source of strength.
We need Your powerful compassion
to save us again and again.

2015 Written by Gail Brookshire