Life Has Never Been So Confusing

Life has never been so confusing as it is right now,
Yet just as I say that God shows me it can get even more confusing.
So may things frustrate me and leave me feeling lost,
Only to end up being things that are later useful or amusing.
Love, life, finances, relationships with friends.
It is all a set of circles that I constantly round.
Sometimes it overwhelms me and I get so off balance.
I praise the Lord for helping me to stand my ground.
Single, dating, engaged, married, or whatever
There is nothing that guarantees us freedom from erring.
But glory to God there is a Man with grace and mercy,
And a Son with a heart filled with a love for sharing.
Today is a day I struggle to get through.
Yesterday was a day I longed to leave.
Tomorrow is the day I can not reach.
But in His good timing, I certainly believe.
At times I am certain of what road to take.
At times I am not so certain.
Sometimes I am completely bewildered,
And cannot bare the burden.
Thank the Lord for stepping in
And taking on my load
Just to show me when all is said and done,
He always knew the best road.

2-12-2000 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Drowning In Bills

I am drowning in bills,
suffocating in stress.
I work so hard to make it,
yet seem to pay off less.
I struggle to pray.
I struggle to believe.
I struggle to obey
and trust you will not leave.
Please enrich my spirit
with peace that you are in control.
Be my strength, as I have none.
You alone make me whole.

10-23-2002 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)