A Safe Embrace

Here I lean, Lord, in Your safe embrace
Wondering why I must leave Your loving presence
When all I want to do is stay… and stay safe.
Life calls us away, but at Your bidding.
You draw us out to this waiting challenge
That will bring us ever closer to You,
As it teaches us strength only hardship can bring.
I never desire to leave Your side,
But You show a deeper part of Your heart
Each time that You welcome me home.
Just when I think Your love is the strongest,
I find that You are stronger than I can imagine.
Thank You for being a love that is good.
I am so grateful for it.
I long for the day when I’ll never leave again.

8-29-2019 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Allison’s Love for God

Allison was strolling along the beach, looking over the ocean.
Birds flew above in the open sky.
Cool waters splashed over her feet.
Dreams were playing with her mental friendliness.
Every time she heard the ocean splash against the sands, it reminded her of her sudden heartache.
For it wasn’t too long ago, she had trusted the hero of her life, the soul she had always searched for, and the man who always promised to love her because without her he wouldn’t want to live, that he wouldn’t want to be alive, that he wouldn’t be able to breathe, think, or even smile for one lonely moment of his ever dying life that would fade with the sunlight that awakened them every morning in their bed of paradise that was created by the sole emotion and feeling of love being the food that fed their hungry.
God had not told her she would awaken one morning to this promise.
He had filled her with the strength to survive though.
In every thing she remembered sad, He reminded her of the good.
Jesus had been her best friend, and in this case her comfort.
Knowing that gave her an inner peace.
Little did she know God was bringing her a new true hero to her near future.
Maybe it would be awhile before He revealed it to her, but He would.
Nevertheless, the ocean and the sun were such sweet lovers to her sense of being loved.
Only God could provide this beauty, and she knew it.
Paradise was right before her, all around her.
Quickly, she ran into the shallow waters.
Running, she felt so in love with a love that truly loved her too.
She would never be able to find this in a man,
This was something only God could give.
Unless, of course, God gave her the man who could love her like this.
Viewing the sun glistening over the waters, she stood waist deep in the sea.
Waters waded back and forth around her body, rocking her playfully.
“X marks the spot in heaven,” she thought.
“You’ll never be able to take me away from God,” she whispered to the world.
Zack would be the name of the man that God had sent running along the beach, to soon find the lady that Zack had always dreamed of sharing his God with him.

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Creative Writing challenge, Spring Class 1994
Taught by E.P.
In thought of Randee’s best friend Allison who was killed in a car accident.

God and My Son

GOD and my son are who I care a lot about.
Certainly, GOD has been my Savior,
My life maker and saver.
He has given me things and feelings no one else can,
And certainly more love than anyone is capable of.
My son, Anthoni Lance Brookshire,
Is one of my greatest blessings from GOD, ever!
He is my strength through each day,
My joy for being needed, wanted, loved, and appreciated.
He makes me laugh over the simplest things,
So many times, so easily.
I thank GOD for him every day.
And though a lot of people may not understand or agree,
I teach my son that I love GOD more than him,
And for him to love GOD more than me.
And you know what? GOD actually works with a child.
He not only understands it and accepts it,
He loves the idea of GOD and loving Him more.
Anthoni appreciates GOD giving us each other.
With these two wonderful miracles,
These only two real men I have ever known
(Along with the men of my family),
It is no wonder that I am a twenty four year old female
In the nineties, still single, and loving it…
Preferring it that way.
No one can compete with these two or compare anywhere near them.

3-8-1994 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: assignment from Creative Writing Class of Spring 1994,
Taught by E.P.


Thank You, Father, for being there when I needed You most!
You saw me through my pain.
You eased my mind and gave me strength,
And helped me through the rain.
Never before have I been so frightened,
Or encountered such a thing.
But You were there to see me to serenity.
I found the love You bring.
Only You can hold on to me
And give me courage to be strong,
The concern You gave to me
Helps me to carry on.
Oh the feeling of security
And the peace within my soul
Helps me to ease my mind,
And leaves You In control.
If ever there were something
I could do for you,
Please just ask and walk with me.
For it’s what I want to do.

Written by Gail Brookshire

I Walk Away

God, what a sinful way I’ve led.
All in the name of love.
Yet I know somewhere inside me,
Who I need is high above.
I see a glance of handsome men,
And catch a winking eye.
As I go to meet the man,
I’m telling you good-bye.
Why do I not see this thing?
Why must I be so blind?
If only I would follow my heart
And leave the dreams behind.
Oh, Holy Father, full of grace,
Please return my strength.
Replace, I pray, the love in me
To live for You again.

Written by Gail Brookshire
God is my hero!


Would you prefer the essay of the veins,
Or the writing of great courage?
Do you want to hear how easily one comes to bleed,
Or how some find strength to live again?
What do you want me to say about the inner body parts
That hold our pain,
Or are you wanting me to tell you the story of a reigning hero?
Which is sweeter, the words of a murder mystery,
Or the novel of having faith through it all?

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: A.D.D. (Homey)

Oh God, My God

Oh God, my God,
As I sit and feel such weariness,
I remember You are my strength.
My uncleanliness…
Is Your cleansing
My weakness…
Is Your saving,
My iniquity…
Is Your forgiveness,
And most of all…
When I think of it all together,
I’m reminded I’m only human.
Only You are the perfect one in every way.
You even restore me with…
Security and peacefulness!
Thank You, my Lord!
For just being You!

1-16-1987 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Fear Belongs To God

Fear in the midst of storms…
God completely understands.
He is a caring and loving God
despite all that He commands.
He has the power
to control the winds and rain,
but He knows that at times
we’re doing all we can to stay sane.
He’s not so insensitive
as many make Him out to be.
He protects His children
and wants them happy,
yet He knows fear will rule us
and tempt us to run away.
Sometimes He’ll strengthen us,
sometimes actually lead us away!
Fear is God’s beginning of knowledge,
wisdom is in having fear.
The challenge is to cling to Him
and know He’s always near.

6-10-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

A God of Love and Mercy

God is a God of love and mercy!
Not a God of torture and misery.
He loves His people and wants to protect them,
honor their trust,
and shower His grace abundantly
to magnify and glorify His name.
God is a God of refuge.
He loves to share His forgiveness
to be the strength for the weak.
He is able to make the most terrified mind
calm with His peace that passes all understanding.
He loves to give His sweet peace.
God is a Holy God… worthy of
our praise, our service, our love!
God can do anything He wants…
He’s even bigger than any fear or sin!
He knows we need Him! He wants us to need Him.
He knows we need His mercy and grace.
And we pray for it now, Jesus. We pray!

8-2011 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

You Send Me What I Need

Me and You have been doing this a long time now,
Walking through this thing called life.
Before I even knew that I was alive,
You were already saving me from my strife.
You knew the things that would pull at me,
And the things I would cause myself.
Yet instead of throwing Your hands up,
You lovingly stretched them out to help.
You placed Your hedge about me
And only allowed that which brought gain.
Only to protect me and strengthen me,
Would You ever allow any pain.
Yet even in those troubled times
You were faithful to abide.
I may have felt loneliness,
But You were always by my side.
You’re the Savior who met me on my knees.
You’re the Savior who suffered on His own.
And as Your Father sent You Simon and angels,
You send me what I need to carry on.

6-27-15 written by Gail Brookshire

Holy Confidence

Shhh… secrets of God!
Too fragile to be spoken.
Vows of confidence
Not to be broken.
Strength of honor
Hidden Within.
Trial of endurance
Not to give in.
Treasured whispers.
Precious thoughts.
Valuable lessons
Patiently taught.
Faithful silence.
Devoted oath.
Holiness is given
In both.

7-4-15 written by Gail Brookshire