What If God Was Right Here?

What if God was right here…
In the room with us…
Like the person across the room?
What if He was God watching us,
Testing us to see how we would treat Him?
Would we speak?
Would we care?
Would we acknowledge He’s here?
Would we notice?
I hope I would.
But I must confess,
I would probably keep to myself,
As I am doing right now.
Is that bad?

9-25-2002 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

The Man Who Had Something to Say

A man walks through the park.

My husband and I notice his smile.

He seems as though he’s on top of the world

While appearing poor and broken all the while.

We look at each other with concern.

Compassion fills our hearts.

Yet we never speak a word to him.

We simply watch him depart.

Moments later a sound across the road

Draws attention from everywhere.

We go to see what is the matter

And the man from the park lies there.

He has lost his life to a moment,

Yet still a smile is on his face.

My husband takes my hand and says,

“He must’ve been on his way to a happy place.”

Tears exchange between us.

We embrace and walk away.

All I can seem to think was

“Maybe it was the man who had something to say.”

4-25-1998 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: God’s love for the suffering and broken hearted.