Life is filled with so much death.
God giveth and taketh away His breath.
So much joy, so much sorrow…
Yesterday always steals tomorrow.
Testimonies are made and broken.
Days are numbered, blessed, and stolen.
We cannot change what God decides.
We must step forward. We cannot hide.
Just like Adam, He calls our name
And takes no excuse for our blame game.
Consequences come from our actions.
Faithfulness comes from our passion.
Ready or not to believe, we must give.
In the end, He decides where we live.
He does not need nor ask permission.
He deserves and expects our complete submission.
We must not think too long or hard.
Death will come near or far.

8-23-08 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

Emotions of a Savior (My Savior)

Troubled and groaning…
words I would never think on You with.
Fallen to the ground in agony…
seems like a fairy tale or myth.
Yet You suffered sorrow as unto death,
as You agonized in the garden.
You even pleaded to the Father
for a way to escape, for a pardon.
Yet like the very spirit we have heard of,
You were obedient even in death.
Despite Your being troubled in spirit,
You uttered those words on Your breath.
“Father, thy will be done. Not mine.”
You accepted as you prepared.
It was God’s plan to start with,
yet You still cared.
You took on human flesh and sorrow.
You felt our agonizing fears.
You understood the troubled soul
and those uncontrollable tears.
You have wept, agonized, and groaned in spirit.
You have felt betrayal and lies.
You have experienced the cruelty
found in words and the eyes.
Thank You, Jesus, for not giving up.
Thank You for hanging on for me.
I pray that my life and words
honor all that You did on Calvary.

4-12-15 Written by Gail Brookshire
For Lord and Savior… the Love of my Life… Jesus Christ! ❤