Enjoying Being Free

Many people say that love
Is a very special thing.
That if you ever find it,
Make it everlasting.
Yet some people say it’s painful,
To never let it start.
For if you get involved,
You’ll gain a broken heart.
Some day I long to experience
The good and bad of love.
To see if one person
Could really be enough.
To care for just one person,
Never looking for another.
To know down deep inside
There is no other.
Until that day arrives,
I will enjoy being free.
And all the single men
Will continue to belong to me.

11-7-1988 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire
(aka Jodi L. Manners)

Making Love vs. Going to Hell

Love… marriage… do they really go together?

Can two people who love each other really make-love

If the love can send them to hell?

If two people want to make love beautiful together,

Why would that send them to hell?

Because it hurts God. It betrays God.

It defies everything God stands for

And leaves us separated from Him.

Does that matter? Of course it does.

Love may see you through the night,

But hell will hold your soul eternally.

One night of heated passion

Can lead to an ever burning fire

That your skin will feel forever.

When you think of what God has done for us,

And how simple it is to marry,

You cannot justify the sin.

God allows for people who love each other to make-love.

He just asks for them to be committed to each other for life.

After all, if they love each other

They will be together for life.

Making love and going to hell,

If you do it without God,

It is exactly where you’re headed.


2-9-1998 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire