No Music In The Air

It’s good to go without music.
Sometimes it feel great.
To know there is a moment
When memories will wait.
It’s not a funny time every time,
But it’s so much more convincing
To a heart that’s trying to understand
The loves who stand in fencing.
Why must everyone feel it’s crucial
To hear a song for every pain?
It’s the melodies that rip your soul
And fill your eyes with rain.
Sometimes it’s just a better feeling
To sit and think alone,
With no music in the air,
Or a D.J. on the phone.
Many times we’ve met a problem
To which we’ve sometimes solved.
But we were the ones who survived,
Even when music wasn’t involved.
Just give me time to think a little
And hear the peace in silent words.
I will again someday enjoy
The music in what I’ve heard.

3-28-1992 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: There used to be a time I was known for not being able to go without the radio 24 hrs a day. Now I am known for never turning it on because I either sing hymns, or just enjoy being able to hear my own thoughts. God is my hero!

On The Stairway

Mom sitting in her rocking chair,
Hears a sound upon the stairs.

She sees a shadow holding another.
She is witnessing a brutal murder.

Screams of help from a voice
Who tries to fight, but has no choice.

A piercing cry within her ear,
She tries to believe she cannot hear.

Soon there’s silence, a drop on the floor.
The fighting stopped. There is no more.

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: S.I.T.C.

Your Love Makes Me Special

You and me. We spend so much time together.
No one can understand how much You mean to me.
They make fun of me for thinking You’re so real.
They think I’ve lost my mind to talk to You.
But, Jesus, I take joy in singing to You.
You comfort me with a love that no one else can give to me.
Even if I ever get married, become romantically involved,
Or am blessed to share in the intimacy treasured between a husband and a wife,
No one will ever be able to be the love You are to me.
You hold me through the worst of times.
You laugh with me through the great ones.
You even stay with me in silence when my pain is so great,
Or my thoughts too confusing to share.
You allow me to sit with You and smile
Without my having to say a word.
I don’t bore You.
And if I don’t smile, You hold me closer and let me know
I’m not alone when I’m by myself.
I don’t have to be fake with You, and don’t have to worry about
You leaving because I let myself relax.
I can be whatever I want to be, feel whatever I want to feel,
Say whatever I want to say, or not say anything at all,
And I know You’ll always be there.
You are my friend.
You let me love You, and I do endlessly.
Thank You for sharing Your secrets with me.
They make me feel so special.
You make me feel special.
That is so nice in a world where everyone wants to laugh at me,
Hurt the people I love, and think only of themselves.
I am glad You love everyone.
I know they can know Your love as I do.
Thank You, Jesus, for spending time with me.
Thank You for making me feel special.
With Your love in my life… I am.

10-22-98 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Always Missing

As I have come to think of being deaf,
I realize I would be saddened in a world so silent.
It is sad to know I would never hear the words of love,
and frightening to be in a world so violent.
To all those who can not feel
of whispering love 
in your ear,
do not worry, for love is far better
to feel 
than to hear.
For in this world where my ears are open
and I tend to listen,
I am always told that I’m loved,
but something is always missing.

9-18-89 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
PS… This was written during a time where I had to go months with both of my ears closed. This happened several times since childhood. It wasn’t the first time, but it was the worst. I praise the Lord for Dr. Pickens! He not only resolved my problems, but I have not had either ear close since! He does a great job of looking out for my ears every year!
❤ Praise God! ❤

Shelter in You

So many times
I have hidden in You,
as You have comforted me
and blessed me too.
Your shelter is a shelter of love,
protecting within Your wings.
Nothing and no one will break through
when You are in charge of things.
How often I have fled
from enemies in pursuit.
While they were shooting at me,
You have silenced them mute!
What mighty love and protection
I cherish in Your very self.
You are my God, my Friend,
my ever present Help.

6-20-12 Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Psalms 61-70