Faith Amidst Uncertainty

Children in America. Children in Iraq.
Children in Afghanistan. Children in the world.
All of God’s little angels are in fear.
Bombs going off. Missiles flying by.
Guns rounding off. Planes roaring above.
No one knows anymore what will happen here.
Families going broke. Children starving to death.
Soldiers dying from germs. Leaders risking lives.
Where are the confused to turn for peace?
Priests praying. Choirs singing.
Candle light gatherings. Hand in hand choirs.
Only God knows when it will all cease.
Bowed heads. Closed eyes.
Whispering lips. Heavy hearts.
Bended knees go to the front for battle.
Weary minds. Frightened nerves.
Worried souls. Unsettled bones.
Shaking knees rely on God to stop their rattle.

3-20-03 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)