Thank You, Father, for being there when I needed You most!
You saw me through my pain.
You eased my mind and gave me strength,
And helped me through the rain.
Never before have I been so frightened,
Or encountered such a thing.
But You were there to see me to serenity.
I found the love You bring.
Only You can hold on to me
And give me courage to be strong,
The concern You gave to me
Helps me to carry on.
Oh the feeling of security
And the peace within my soul
Helps me to ease my mind,
And leaves You In control.
If ever there were something
I could do for you,
Please just ask and walk with me.
For it’s what I want to do.

Written by Gail Brookshire

God Walks Into a Room

God walks into a room
and serenity consumes the aura.
Grief, tragedy, and trauma
all take a back seat
to the peace within
such a Holy place.

Souls cry and mourn
for the soul going home,
yet their tears are for joy
to know a loved one
will never ache again.

A body is carried.
The procession is performed.
The earth becomes a bed.
For God has made room
within the grass.

God walks into a room
and serenity consumes the aura.
A life breathes a first breath,
begins a journey for death,
and yet a purpose will be fulfilled.

9-11-98 Friday
written by Gail Brookshire