Keep Your Concern

Pass me on the streets.
Do not say a word.
With the multitude of the crowd,
It would never come to be heard.

Do not say you care for me.
I’m sorry, but I just can’t believe.
And if I were ever to, soon I’d see you leave.

Do not lie and say I’m wrong.
It’s using common sense.
I don’t appreciate playing games.
I believe in protesting in self-defense.

Won’t you please take your lies,
And burn them in the fire?
For that’s where you’d place my heart,
And – cold as ice – is my desire.

Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. Thank you, Jesus, for melting my heart! ❤ I love you!

A Life For A Life

It is so incomprehensible to the human mind
that someone could actually take a life.
We condemn those souls to be taken
or at least live forever in misery and strife.
Yet it is very possible to happen
And does to people who are good.
Maybe sometimes they shouldn’t have reacted,
sometimes maybe they should.
We never know if someone is defending
and fighting for their life to survive.
We don’t know what led to the moment
and how they’ll have to live with it all their life.
Only God knows and only God judges
the heart and mind of a soul,
and He knows when to punish or forgive.
Thank God He is in control.

7-19-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
Inspiration: written when a friend was asking me to justify their brother’s death when he was shot while committing a home invasion, by comparing it to my brother’s death who was shot during a argument with an ex-girlfriend who refused to let my brother go.