My Jesus, My God, My Comforter

At the altar is where I found my Father, my Comforter and my Friend.
I was told of love and forgiveness that would never end.
This person that I had wronged still loved me
And instead of punishing, wanted to set me free.

This was my Jesus, my God, and my Comforter who came to claim
My soul for His own, by my very name.
He did not leave me there drowning in my sin.
He cared too much to ever be without me again.

Troubles continued to follow me every since that day
Trying to get me to turn the other way,
But Jesus has been there through every trying test
Showering me with His protection and sweet rest.


Because a saint cared and was willing to obey the call,
I found my dearest friend to help me through it all.
Someday I will get to thank that saint in action
For reaching out to save a child with compassion.


Written by Miss Gail Brookshire (by the grace of God)
Inspired by Anthoni’s asking me to write this as a challenge
and Molly (the Saint who cared)

One of Your Own

How touched You must be
to have one of Your own.
He has served You well,
and now he is home.
His bold and unwavering faith.
His bold and unwavering spirit.
His determination to preach,
and his desire for all to hear it.
He had no shame.
He had no restraint.
He gladly fought the fight.
He was Your saint.
How many crowns
will he lay at Your feet?
How many fairs
did he meet and greet?
Fighting to the the end.
Serving so strong.
It was by Your grace
that he lasted this long.

6-6-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Mr. Joe Norton