Descriptive Action

Frayed mind. Short circuit.
Unsure of how to work it.
Calloused heart. Dried well.
There will be no crying spell.
Damaged weapons. False alarms.
Eventually disarmed.
Strategic boundaries. Fine lines.
Everyone hides behind.
Wayward sinner. Prodigal son.
In Bethlehem it was begun.
Tainted daughter. Alabaster box.
Anointing oil for His dear cause.
Rolling stone. Bright ascension.
Before God our names are mentioned.
Tender mercy. Sweet salvation.
We have received reconciliation.

1-29-2019 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Between the Bitterness and Sorrow

Trying to learn how to love
And be a responsible person,
Is a difficult task.
For though you are very forgiving
And understanding,
Others continue to ask.
What must we understand today
To reason with tomorrow?
We need to find a reconciliation
Between the bitterness and sorrow.
So tell me why the world exists,
If life has already departed?
I know they try to say it’s love,
But that’s to convince the broken hearted.
Many people try to change
The way the world remains.
But all they gain from determination,
Are scarred wound in blood stains.
Get some paper and pen
And try to analyze
Just what this poem really means
To anyone who really tries.

5-23-1992 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. Praise the Lord for changing my way of thinking,
and teaching me about true love… Him!

God Said Yes

God could have said, “Yes”
when Jesus asked for another way.
He could have granted His Son’s prayer
by simply saying, “Okay.”
He could have said,
“They’re really not worth the effort.
There’s no point in trying to save them.
There’s no need for You to hurt.”
He could have called us a waste,
and do as most parents would,
cater to whatever the child asked for,
forsaking doing what was good.
But God was thinking of all His children
and allowed His Son to save.
To reconcile us all to God,
Jesus was sent to His grave.
But only for a moment
did that dark and cold tomb
hold the hope of the world
in such a dark and cold gloom.
For that Father who sent His Son
called, “Jesus, Come forth!”
Then removed His Son’s cup
and gladly said, “Yes.”

5-30-15 written by Gail Brookshire

Grace… A Friend of Mercy

Grace… that word we don’t deserve,
no matter what we think we’ve earned.
God’s word says it rains on the just and the unjust.
It seems a requirement for living… a must.
Yet when we experience the receiving,
it is easier to suddenly start believing.
It becomes such a blessing to us all.
Then we’re willing to stumble and fall.
What a privilege to witness giving.
It is more than an act of forgiving.
Many times it is the beginning of hope
to throw a drowning sinner the life saving rope.
When God allows us to be HIS audience,
it magnifies the whole experience.
For when we watch the living God pardon
Adam and Eve in the midst of the garden,
it takes us back to when we first
tasted God loving us at our worst.
Praise God for being Mercy’s friend.
They have the power to birth and mend.

2015 written by Gail Brookshire

Made for You

Made in Your image.
Given life by Your breath.
Created to serve You.
Redeemed in Your death.
My Creator, My God.
My Comfort for all times.
My Peace passing all understanding,
purifying my mind.
My Offering, My Sacrifice.
My Reconciliation to God.
My Great Physician.
By Your blood, I’m bought.
My heavenly Contractor
of my heavenly home.
My Soul Mate for eternity.
I kneel at Your throne.

2015 written by Gail Brookshire