What If God Was Right Here?

What if God was right here…
In the room with us…
Like the person across the room?
What if He was God watching us,
Testing us to see how we would treat Him?
Would we speak?
Would we care?
Would we acknowledge He’s here?
Would we notice?
I hope I would.
But I must confess,
I would probably keep to myself,
As I am doing right now.
Is that bad?

9-25-2002 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Silent Music

No music please.
The world is beautiful in silence,
I so want to sit and meditate,
And block the world of violence,
I want to hear the sounds
Of wind blowing at a standstill.
I want to feel the emptiness
In the solitary chill.
It’s quiet in the room alone.
The darkness gives me peace.
It won’t remind me of a life
That found a way to cease.
Instead it reminds me of memories,
Of which I’ll always treasure.
And oh, the solitude of quiet.
It gives me such a pleasure.
So please. No. Don’t play the song.
Leave the radio off.
The music I really want to hear
Is the silence playing so soft.

3-28-1992 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Yours With Affection

Alone in this quietness with You,
there’s something valuable about this peace.
I feel like I have found favor with You
for the chaos of this world to cease.
Oh it still goes on
somewhere out there.
But You have instructed me
it’s Your burden to bear.
My responsibility is to listen to You.
You have something to say.
I have prepared You an altar
here where I pray.
As the stillness allows me
to know You are God,
I see You lay aside
Your staff and rod.
You let me know You do not need
tools of correction.
When my heart is Yours,
You hold me with affection.

7-28-2015 written by Gail Brookshire