To Trust You

First, you must hold a candle
To all those who have deceived.
Secondly, you must be convincing
Enough to make me believe.
Next, you must be willing to stay
When I need you the most.
And hopefully you would realize
I need someone to hold.
Fifth, you would have to be aware
Of the cruelty in betrayal of confidence.
Sixth, you would have to believe in me,
For I am suppose to be your friend.
Seventh, you must be willing to accept me
Just the way I am.
Eighth, you must respect my privacy,
And yet also understand.
Ninth, you would have to be merciful
To forgive me at my worst.
And last of all, you would have to survive,
Knowing I wanted you to hurt.

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: TW challenged me write 10 ways I know I can trust you.
Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus ❤ God is my hero!

Fasting For You

Giving up something for You,
That You would hear me.
Am I doing this right?
Is this acting selfishly?
You tell us to do this
And how detail is key.
I just want You to know
My love for You is free.
My desire is to obey You
And to know your will.
Peace of mind is so essential.
It’s what I want to feel.
Hear my heart’s cry.
See my sacrifice.
I am so grateful,
You paid my price.
Help me to stay within
Your path for my way.
I want to be with You
And to never stray.
Thank You for Your
Being so faithful and true.
I know regardless of circumstance,
I can always count on You.
Love You, God!!! ❤

10-30-10 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)