Jesus, Please Save My Best Friend

Jesus, my best friend is not saved.
She does not want to be saved.
She does not think it matters,
And therefore does not care.
She thinks it will all work out in the end,
And that if it doesn’t
That it is not worth being so miserable now
Just to get into heaven later.
She honestly thinks living for You
Will make her so miserable,
And she has no desire
To give up things she loves for You.
I have prayed for her so long.
I have tried to be a good example.
Where I have failed her,
I have prayed for Your working hand.
Still, she says no to You.
I am scared of losing her.
I am scared of You losing her.
You died for her.
Please, Jesus, help her to love You.

7-27-2004 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Growing In Christ

Growing in Christ day by day,
I struggle to avoid a fall.
I serve my God whom I love and trust.
I seek to answer the call.
Studying His word,
I research for my work.
Kneeling prayer, I commit
To obey His every word.
Close to my Savior, I walk.
Careful to watch for snares.
I smile to know I can trust Him/
Joy to know He cares.

1-14-2004 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

God, What Do I Write?

God, what do I write?
What do I testify to?
Who do I testify to?
What do I do to make sure it’s written?
I want to serve You
In the way You have planned for me.
In whatever way I am unprepared,
Prepare me.
Wherever I am failing You,
Lift me up to You.
My life is Yours.
My soul is Yours!

1-9-2004 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Brokenhearted for My Friends

Jesus, my Friend, I come to You.
Brokenhearted over friends, family, and coworkers
Lost without You.
Living outside of Your love.
I can’t make them be saved.
I can’t make them fall in love with You.
I can’t make them repent.
I can’t even make them admit they sin.
That is completely between You and them.
I just so wish they would find
Their own special relationship with You.
I want them to know the Love I’ve known.
The Friend I have known.
And the peace You give to me.
I pray for them all, Jesus.
I pray for Your sake, for Your glory.
In Your name, I pray. Amen

6-30-2003 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire

My Writing Gift

God, there’s a part of me that only talks to You through writing.
Is that wrong, or is that the part of me You made exciting?
I think it’s neat most of the time. I can say how I care.
But it can be problematic in not being able to share.
It’s just so hard to open up and trust. The world is scary.
But I have to get it out somehow, the burden that I carry.
Poetry, diary, short stories, and more I have to write.
I have to get it out, say it in so many ways, till I get it right.
People love my talent, my gift they say I am blessed with.
But rich, famous or not, they have no idea the gift it is.
I learn from me, I confide in me, and only You can see.
And when I feel I have to share, I set it free.
And yet I don’t have to repeat myself with the same news,
Freeing me of the guilt or shame in telling even You.
If anyone is interested in how I feel, they will read it.
If not, I don’t care. Fame, fortune, and attention I do not need.
I just need to write, to put my pen to the paper and flow.
I just have to feel like at least You and I care to know.
So as I write this poem about us, I finish up by saying,
I love it most when I’m personal, when my pen is praying.
For in that treasure I leave behind the secrets of my soul
That can help my son or others keep from losing control.
Just to know someone else felt the way they did
Will have made it all worth while, my writing gift.

1-4-2001 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Waiting for a Sign

Talking with God in the chapel,
I wait to hear a voice.
Asking Him to forgive me of my sins,
I plead for a sign of His choice.
He understands my simple cry,
And lets me know He heard.
Now I’m waiting for His simple sign
Of life or of His word.
I’ll wait, I’ll pray, I’ll try to hold on.
I’ll wait for what’s in store.
For though He heard my little cry,
I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

9-25-1990 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. I do not even remember what I was praying about now.
So many years ago!

Save My City

My city… my city…
my state and country…
we are all so filled with sin!
I wish I could save us all,
but I am filled with sin within.
Asheville has turned its eye away
from the God who loves her so.
They’d rather enjoy sexual preference
instead of a loving God who won’t let go.
Some of us are praying.
Some of us are trying,
but so many of us
just leave God crying.
Save us, God! Save us from ourselves!
Some of us want you AND your help.
Don’t let us be another Sodom or Gomorrah.
Please save our wicked city!
Please cleanse us from our filth!
Take heart and have pity!
In Jesus Name, I pray, Amen!

7-7-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

Defeated At Times

Defeated at times by the stress of life,
I wonder if I can really be saved.
Then I remember I already have been
and wonder why I have so easily caved.
Your power seems so nonexistent
to the never ending reality of this place,
yet it is the only thing that gets me through
and expresses your loving grace,
People seem so insensitive and demanding
and some are weak and greedy,
yet I too am a part of this rat race
and am surely so feeble and needy.
I lay upon this bed so late
praying for the rest I need in sleep,
praying also that I’ll see Your tender heart
in my dreams I gratefully keep.

6-7-01 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

Finally… Coming Home

Finally… the guys are coming home.
We’ve been praying for so long, and God heard us all along.
Yes, we lost a few men, and in my opinion many souls
who gave their all to defend our and their country.
We can’t forget them, and if we were to, it would be such a shame.
For a life lost for fighting for yet another life,
is wonderful compared to a life lost and forgotten.
And let us not forget our allies who were there by our side.
They were just as important, and played a very valuable role.
Without them we would have had a longer war and lost more lives.
Oh, for so long we’ve waited for them to come, but there are some
who will never come home, nor receive a honorable burial either,
due to the tragedy of becoming lost in combat.
No one knows where they are, nor what they go through,
and if they’ll ever return or be found.
We pray for them and their families.
And the prisoners of war are finally walking away from their horrible chains.
But the nightmare will carry on.
Let’s pray for them all – and thank God
that those of whom are coming home are blessed enough to do so.
And as we thank God, let us not forget,
those that are still over there, waiting to come home.
Waiting to see our land again, and hold their families.
May God be with us all.

3-7-91 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
Inspiration: Operation Desert Storm