To Write Again

A poem??
Oh how long it’s been
Since I put my paper
To pen and ink.
Overflowing with God,
I have so much to share,
Yet do I have the heart
To let my soul be bare?
Thoughts, dreams,
Expressions of many.
Stories of love and loss,
I have plenty.
Reader, do you have
An eye for my word?
Listener, do you know
How I long to be heard?
Only God Himself
Can carry these things.
I leave them with Him.
To His side I cling.
Thank You, God,
For lifting my pen.
It felt so great
To write again!

5-28-2004 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Destined to Tear

Tears… shed in the midst of a late cold night.
A loneliness swallows you whole… completely.
It’s a feeling that only my aching soul can agonize.
No one will ever understand,
Because no one can see what’s going on in my mind.
They’re only able to see it in my leaking eyes.
My eyes that release the truth…
Found within my heart.
Why can’t I escape this journey just one night?
Is it so bad to go without a teared facial, once?
Just once?
Can’t I escape the rip just once more?
My seams are wearing thin.
Please give my crying eyes a relief from their destiny.
My life is overflowing.

2-25-1992 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. God is my hero!