For His Glory

For His glory! Not mine!
That is why I write!
No pain or depression,
Or any other oppression
Should get in the way
Of needing to say,
God loves you!

A dying and hurting world
Needs to know He loves every boy and girl!
A sister and brother in Christ
Need encouragement for the fight.
Whether lost or saved,
We need the message He gave,
God loves you!

SO pick up the pen
And write again!
The battle is fierce
Shedding blood and tears.
But we must not delay
For one who needs to hear us say,
God loves you!

10.18.19 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Glory to God!

Defeated At Times

Defeated at times by the stress of life,
I wonder if I can really be saved.
Then I remember I already have been
and wonder why I have so easily caved.
Your power seems so nonexistent
to the never ending reality of this place,
yet it is the only thing that gets me through
and expresses your loving grace,
People seem so insensitive and demanding
and some are weak and greedy,
yet I too am a part of this rat race
and am surely so feeble and needy.
I lay upon this bed so late
praying for the rest I need in sleep,
praying also that I’ll see Your tender heart
in my dreams I gratefully keep.

6-7-01 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

Am I the Rich Man?

How incredibly selfish can an individual be?
Easily, when that individual is me.
How else could a soul be overlooked?
While I was focused on what had me hooked.
Why did I not feed the hungry I saw?
Because of my hypocritical flaw.
How did I deceive myself that I helped?
Because I was too focused on myself.
How did money and a bible tract feed?
Because that’s what I wanted to believe.
Why did I not think sooner of that soul?
Because God had a different goal.
Why was that soul gone when I went back?
Because God wanted to point out my lack.
Do I have enough to be the rich man?
Everything I have came from God’s own hand.

6-15-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: the beggar at the corner of Craven St. & Riverside Dr.
(Luke 16:19-31)