To Do a Favor

She once asked me, “Brenda Gail, would you mind to do me a favor?”
“Yes,” I replied.
“Oh! How wonderful and so sweet!” she exclaimed, as she gave me a hug. “That is so beautiful!”
“What?” I asked. “To do you a favor?”
“You said yes,” said she. “You just said yes instead of saying what, or what is it. You were willing to do it just because I asked. You weren’t concerned with what you would have to do, and didn’t even stop to think what would happen to you, or what would you get out of it. I asked if you would do me a favor and you just said yes. Thank you. I love you for that. It shows you love me too and that no matter what I ask of you, you would be more than glad to do it, with no questions asked. “Thank you.”
She had such a smile on her face when she said it. I felt so warm. I simply replied, “You’re more than welcome.”

12-21-1992 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: For you, Mrs. Chamberlain. I LOVE YOU!

God’s Goodbye Angel

Farewell our good-bye angel.
We’ll miss you every day.
It’s sad to see you leave us.
But you were called away.
The need you in another place
Healing broken hearts.
You’ve mended ours many times
From many shattered parts.
Somewhere in this weary world
A soul is crying out.
They are in need of deep concern,
And assurance from their doubts.
Just be sure to save a little care
For those you leave behind.
And know that God’s goodbye angel
Is always on our mind.

Written By Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: For Mrs. Shirley Ann Chamberlain
A wonderful teacher and friend