A Moment With Death

Death had a moment with me
When I thought it would set free
The mother of my other brother,
Not the one of yet another.
But as sweet life gave her breath,
My natural mother escaped her death.
Raised her hand and touched my cheek.
Said death had came and gave a peek.
As it left, it whispered, “Life,”
“You’re a mother and a wife.”
Looked at me with happy tears.
Death has eased my deepest fears.
Moment of a test and trail.
Life had won with mother’s smile.

4-17-1995 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: assignment from Creative Writing Class, Spring 1995
Taught by E.N.

God Knows 10.27.1989

God knows exactly what He’s doing.
He knows what’s for the best.
Sure we have to prove our love.
But believe me, you can pass the test.

Stop holding onto falling stars
And passing wishing wells.
Everything you’ve dreamed of
Is alive and living well.

Just take a look at what you have,
But from a different point of view.
God has selected your blessings,
And He’s given them each to you.

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: my mother