New Set of Rules

Well there you have it.
The law has been laid down,
by the God who has written it,
and Moses throwing it to the ground.
Sin has caused a raging fire.
The earth has opened her mouth.
Those who do not stand on God’s side
are taken out.
Does this mean that God has given up?
Does this mean He’s had enough?
This means His word is true.
This means His word is just.
To be given the blessing of guidance,
obedience is a must.
Praise God for His determination
to give us His word.
Praise God for His desire
to be heard.
God has cleaned the slates.
He has started anew,
a new set of rules
instructing what to do.
We are all given
yet another chance
to side with God
and take a stance.

3-31-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspired by Pastor Jimmy preaching Moses… A Man for the Ages

By the Fire With You

What a wonderful place to be…
here by the fire with You.
You are that comforting flame…
everything majestic about this view.
The sound of Your voice
reminds me of a safe place.
I’m enjoying this privilege
of talking to You face to face.
You are Holy and Righteous,
Glorious in every way…
sharing with me Your wisdom
on how to get through each day.
How could I be anything
but awestruck and in wonder?
How sobering to be in Your presence
when I hear You thunder.
This direction You are giving,
this discipline You are commanding
will lead me in paths of righteousness
and cause me to dwell in understanding.
How strengthened You make a soul.
I cling to Your embrace.
Your presence will be with me
no matter what I face.

3-25-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspired by Pastor Jimmy preaching Moses… A Man for the Ages

Your Comforting Flame

So the wall of the waters
have closed in on my enemy
and have buried what was a threat
on the floor of the Red Sea.
I break into song
and praise my mighty God.
He has shown me favor
and carried me across.
Yet as soon as I say, “Amen,”
I notice the journey continues.
I pick up my gear and prepare
for whatever ensues.
Off to the mountain I go.
I encamp for a climb.
I need to hear you speak.
We need alone time.
You turn on the light
and speak my name.
I am comforted
by your burning flame.

3-22-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Pastor Jimmy preaching Moses… A Man for the Ages

My Solid Desert Rock

Wasting away amid this desert,
I cling to this rock.
My exhausted and defeated vessel
is in shock.
With no strength of my own,
I lay amid the dirt
praising your name
that I am too numb to hurt.
This arid and burning heat
actually comforts my wounds.
My oasis is in the hope
of You coming for me soon.
I am well aware of the journey
it took to get this far,
and only You know the way.
You are my guiding star.
This rock… this completely solid rock
is where I take refuge.
What happens from here
is completely up to You.

3-14-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Moses… A Man for the Ages inspired

Who Is My Pharaoh

Who is my Pharaoh
is the question I’m given.
My mind has been so distracted
with the plagues I’m living.
Who is it that defies my faith
because he despises my God?
Who is it that dares to stand
and say to God, I will not!”
Though warned again and again
to let me and my people go,
who is this Pharaoh
that refuses with his, No!
Life, Life, that’s his name
trying to convince me to quit.
But my God is greater
and just won’t allow it.
Parting the sea of giving up,
His rod has broken up
the dread that overwhelms me
with his pillar and fire of love.
God will not ask any more.
He will make my way to escape.
He will lead me to His mountain
where He will begin to shape
my soul for His future
my heart for His desire.
He is sending my iron
through the hottest of the fire.
When I have made it through
this desert made just for me,
my Pharaoh will be long forgotten
and buried in the sea.
The fire will be out,
the walls of water sealed,
and I and my people
will be free and healed.

3-1-15 Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Pastor Jimmy asking Who is our Pharaoh.
A follow up to What would we name our desert?
Man… A Man of the Ages inspired

A Desert Just for Me

Out in this desert that has no name,
I struggle to understand just how I came
to a place filled with such pain and loss,
a place hard to experience God in all the chaos.
This desert that God has created just for me
includes watching friends and family in misery.
So many crags and snags, in so many places.
So many spies and lies, in such a cruel oasis.
How do I name that which I hate to mention?
Why does this desert deserve that much attention?
How do I name what only God understands?
How dare I assume authority out of his hand?
For that is where I am in this desert or naught.
I have been his since the day I was bought.
His blood has become my caravan,
His love is my camel in this barren land.
There is only one name that I care to praise.
It is the one who is with me in this place.
My Lord and Savior, my Jesus Christ
walked his own desert of suffering and sacrifice.
His anguish and dread were just as real.
His nails and thorns, he chose to feel.
His obedience in his adversity
gives me hope in this desert made just for me.

2-21-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: The result of prayer and meditation on
Pastor Jimmy asking us what would we name our desert.
Moses… A Man of the Ages inspired.