Still Be Friends

A note to you my little friend,
     this poem is just for you.
I really hope that we stay friends,
     and I know that you do too.
All the fun that we could have
     would be a total blast.
Though all the troubles we may reach,
     our friendship, it will last.
Music, writing, poems, and books,
     a lot of things to share.
And when you need a real good friend,
     I’ll always want to be there.
Together we will have some fun
     and never let it end.
And when the world has lost its life,
     we will still be friends.

4-8-89 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

My Silent Scream

My pen, my pen… it begs to cry,
Yet the empty lines seem to imply.
I do cry… I scream… and I scream,
By finding the words in only a dream…
A dream that cannot even find a way
To voice my cry or try to convey.
My heart… my soul… it searches long.
I cannot even write it in a song.
So many ghosts and waiting villains
Make it clear, “They’ll be no tellings.”
The flesh itself weakens fast.
Memories and strength don’t last.
And in the end who really cares?
God does… and every burden I bear.
If my mind is so drawn away from him,
Then he bids me, “Deal with them!”
And just as sure as he bids me to,
He lovingly whispers, “This is my testimony for you.”
So on and on I seek, as I pray…
Waiting for the words to come my way.

12-9-16 written by Gail

Our Long Journey

What a long journey of mercy
You have walked me through.
What a long journey of grace
to have been blessed with You.
So many memories flood in,
I am overwhelmed with words.
You have seen me through
so many misery and hurts.
Yet nothing on my journeying
has compared to learning of You,
and Your wondrous love
shown in everything You do.
Those memories are Yours and mine.
Those treasures are all ours.
You have poured out Your blessings.
I’ve loved bathing in the showers.

2012 written by Gail Brookshire