Shut Swinging Doors

Politics, friends, and rules.
Life is just chaotic.
Just when you think you get it,
You never really got it.
Understanding anything is a challenge
In these days which we live.
There is just so much we have to take
From those who refuse to give.
Shoes, socks, toothpaste…
Are they things we really need?
We can’t protect or clean ourselves.
We still have to cry and bleed.
You don’t understand my message?
I really don’t care if you do.
I’ve gotten past trying to talk
Or giving the benefit of the doubt to you.
You don’t care for my troubles
Anymore than I care for yours.
Let’s just be honest and leave each other alone.
Shut the swinging doors.

Written by Gail Brookshire

Oh Silly Me

You don’t want me.
You used to be in love with me,
But you no longer are.

You said you cared forever
And would never be
Too far.

But where are you now
When I need to be
In your arms?

Giving away our love
By impressing with
Your charms.

Oh, silly me
For loving you
Knowing you never would.

I can’t believe
I love you
When I never thought I could.

7-5-1993 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire


Sometimes it’s hard
Getting over a rut.
But the way life continues,
It’s no surprise at all
That we learn to keep control.
Why should we have to fight?
There’s no one left to survive.
Should we really worry about it?
Let’s not worry about the question.
It’s just like the answer, unreasonable.
Too easy to rationalize.
Sometimes that can be the problem.
To make sense of things
Confusing and complicated.
Keeping track of the meaningless,
I retire to attire my sleep.

9-2-1992 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. God has made life, love, and everything that He has offered 
more than reasonable!

The Under Written Message

There was something I was going to say,
But now I don’t know what.
I was going to say something meaningless,
But I think about it a lot.
It could be something to laugh about,
Or something just to see.
But I don’t think it cared for me,
So I think we’ll just let it be.
Why does it worry me so.
If it’s something I can’t stand to feel?
I guess we’ll never understand
Why I’ve suddenly lost my will.
Someone save me from
the under written message leading me on.
I can’t think about this misery discomforting me.
It’s just so wrong.

3-1-1992 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire