Would I Be Wearing This Ring?

You were so afraid I would leave you,
So afraid I was gone.
You should’ve know I love you,
And nothing could go wrong.
You thought you knew we well.
You thought you knew my way.
But if you really did,
There would be nothing left for me to say.
You swore you were losing ground,
Maybe even control.
But you forgot you are my happiness
I need to feel whole.
Can you take another look,
And ask yourself this thing?
If I didn’t want to be married to you,
Would I be wearing this ring?

1-12-1992 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Walk Down Wedding Lane

Drifted apart upon the ocean,
No one knew we were lost.
The storm ripped us in two.
Our lives would be the cost.
Months have passed since the time
That the ocean made its fight.
Our bodies drift in tides of love,
And in view of someone’s sight.
They called the local authority
And reported that they had found
Two bodies washed upon the sands,
and noticed our hands were bound.
They came and checked it all out,
And identified our bodies too.
They found that we were married,
And our lives were fresh and new.
The wedding rings has washed away,
But we were still in ropes
From where we had been cutting up
And making silly jokes.
Our honeymoon was our farewell
To the world from our marriage.
The ocean was our residing place,
A place we always cherished.

12-12-1990 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire