Keeping My Loved Ones

Keeping my loved ones,
You care for me through others.
You keep them safe
Till we can see one another.
You keep them happy,
Making sure they’re loved.
I long for when we all
Worship you in heaven above.
Take care if them
As I know You faithfully will.
Let my soul and heart
Be spirit filled.

11-29-2003 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Why Me?

You say You’re in love with me,
Even though I’ve sinned.
I don’t understand it.
Why do I always win?
You are the victory.
The one who pays the price.
So why is it always right for me
To make the sacrifice?
You give Your hand to me
To walk me through my fears,
Then allow me to turn away
And cause You shameful tears.
Why are you so proud of me
If I disgrace Your name?
I just don’t understand it.
It fills me full of shame.
Of all the souls who love You
And follow by Your laws,
You still choose to love me so,
Despite all my sinful flaws.

11-29-1990 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. I thank God for loving me faithfully and unconditionally.
He doesn’t love my sinful flaws, but He loves me despite them,
He does love the flaws I cannot control that are not sinful,
But He knows the difference better than anyone!
God is my hero!